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  • Feb102016

    Does A Woman Really Reach Her Sexual Prime In Her Thirties?

    I was out recently with a friend, and we started talking about sex. She told me about how, in...

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  • Feb092016

    Reconsidering Coconut Oil As Lube

    Back when we posted 4 Reasons Not To Use Coconut Oil as Lube, we had no idea how popular...

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  • Feb082016

    How (Not) To Hit on Girls

    I had this roommate once who was really into “hitting on girls.” We were recently out of college, and...

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  • Feb052016

    Living with Loneliness

    From Making Love Sustainable

    “We are all so much together, but we are all dying of loneliness.”  -Albert Schweitzer  ...

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  • Feb042016

    Relationships as a Spiritual Practice (Part 3)

    Last week we learned how to integrate spiritual practices into our relationship. According to nearly all of the world’s...

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  • Feb042016

    Genital Hygiene 101

    When it’s only you who takes your pants off at night, genital hygiene can seem like a big waste…

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