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  • Jan302017

    The Art of Intimacy: Interview with Luxury Toy Brand, Désirables.

    In 2003, Wendy Strgar founded Good Clean Love with a focus on something she calls ‘sustainable love’.  The idea that…

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  • Jan162017

    Own Your Orgasm: Gender, Pleasure, and Closing The Gap

    When it comes to sex, our society has two narratives for young women. It begins with the basics: contraceptives and…

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  • Dec272016

    Detox Your Daily Life: Five Chemicals to Avoid in 2017

    Ready to detox your daily routine? Just in time for the New Year, our friends at Made Safe have helped…

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  • Dec272016

    MadeSafe: A “Non Toxic” Certification Worth Investing In

    In an age where consumers are becoming increasingly more cognizant of what they put in their bodies, it’s important to…

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  • Dec132016

    Q&A with Dame Products: Closing the Pleasure Gap with Innovation

    Just two years ago, Dame Products launched Eva, the first “truly wearable” couples’ vibrator. Featuring two flexible wings, the curious…

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  • Dec012016

    Performance Art, Feminism, and Self-Gynecology with Maja Malou Lyse

    From selfie aerobics to bloody vibrators, Maja is a feminist of the digital age. She is a blogger, a performance…

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  • Nov282016

    Interview with Holy Sponge! Menstrual Activism, Sponges, and More!

    Have you ever considered the health risks or environmental impacts of menstrual products? You might want to! Pads and tampons…

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  • Nov162016

    Subscription Boxes 101

    If our last article with Unbound had you curious about subscription boxes, we understand. The popularity of subscription boxes has…

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  • Nov142016

    Q&A With Unbound Box

    One concept we hold very dear at Good Clean Love is that of ‘Equal Pleasure’, so much so that we…

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  • Nov092016

    Q&A With The Founder of Praxis

    Yesterday in our article, Because Women’s Health Matters, we mentioned that gynecology clinics and universities are the two most common…

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  • Nov022016

    Q&A With The Founder of Keep A Breast

    While Breast Cancer Awareness month has come to an end, our partnership with Keep A Breast has left us with…

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  • Oct252016

    The Make It Good Movement

    Make It Good is a sexual health and wellness initiative meant to address difficult topics in modern day relationships revolving…

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