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Healthy Intimacy for a Healthy Heart

At Good Clean Love, we are big fans of the heart. It's literally the core of our body and life being and, in a more figurative sense, it's the pathway to love and our connections with everyone in our lives. We wouldn't...
by Good Clean Love Staff

Probiotics for Women’s pH Balance

The modern-day woman has a lot of things to juggle. Between taking names at work and balancing friendships, family, and romantic relationships, the last thing we need to be worried about is our vaginal health. What you may not know...
by Good Clean Love Staff

Why You Need to Switch from Soap to Feminine Wash

Growing up, my family - like many families - always used bar soap in the shower or bath. I always wondered why the soap hurt “down there” and why taking bubble baths tended to give some of my friends yeast...
by Good Clean Love Staff