I read this quote in my Zen calendar today: “Give up the notion that you must be sure of what you are doing. Instead, surrender to what is real within you, for that alone is sure.” —Baruch Spinoza

I have never heard of this author, but I imagine we would be friends if I were to meet him at some café in the middle of nowhere. We would speak easily about not knowing how to adequately describe or honestly qualify what is happening in our lives, and possibly in the world. We would commiserate about not knowing what the next move is and laugh about how we make plans just as a way to see what we can dream up.

It’s not that plans never come to fruition. I am a big believer in the art of creating a life out of the thoughts we hold. But increasingly, those thoughts are less and less about knowing what I am doing or even what to do next, and instead are focused around being acutely aware and brutally honest about the vast range of feelings and sensations that come and go in my body.

When this surrender is most authentic, my need to know is replaced by being where I am fully and without question or judgment. Life slows down even in the most fleeting glimpses of these moments. I am not meditating with my eyes closed, but the world is shimmering with the fullness of what it is.

The truth of what is real is always around us in the smallest of details and the largeness of landscapes. There is no arguing with it, but that doesn’t stop us from trying relentlessly to figure out how to transform how things are to what we know they should be. Give it up for five minutes or maybe even an hour (it’s the weekend anyway…).