Years ago, when I first decided that I was going to change my thinking, I learned about the wrist band method of making new habits. The idea is to use the wrist band as a physical prompt every time you notice yourself in a bad thinking pattern.
By switching the wrist band from one hand to the other or even just flipping it over, your attention creates a space for noticing the negative thinking pattern and gives your brain a chance to come up with another neutral or even positive thought.

Although it took me more than 21 days to get over my negative thinking habits (it took me 68!), I still use this technique to interrupt the now sometimes errant negative thinking that used to pervade my mind.

The Buddha said, “You are what you think; with your thoughts you change the world.”

It’s the truest thing I know. So true in fact that I made positive thinking wrist bands that say it on the outside of the band and on the inside, it says, “Think positive.” We sold and distributed over 10,000 wrist bands over several years. Many of the high school kids that were in the positive change club are still wearing them in college.

And I still have some! If you want to take the “You Are What You Think" wrist-band challenge, get yours today (free with shipping).