Years ago when I hit rock bottom and wasn’t enjoying much of anything that I was doing, I decided I had to change how I was living, and I realized that the only way to change how I lived was to change my thinking.

This aspiration to come to know and befriend my own mind turned into a positivity quest blog where I wrote daily for over three years. Not only did I witness amazing changes to every aspect of my life through this daily attention to my thinking, but I also began cultivating relationships with so many people aspiring to do the same. We became a tribe, and the work of writing and listening to each other empowered us all.

Now I see that my inattention to this simple but vital work of minding my mind needs a refresh. And this time, there is a team of us that are excited to share our best ideas every morning to motivate and inspire you to live your best life. And we look forward to hearing back from you too. If you have an issue you want to hear more about or an idea we need to hear, please email us at

Be sure to bookmark this page and welcome your day with compassionate insights and actionable tips to make every day good.