How weird is it that I work for a company that talks about vaginal odor on a daily basis? SO not weird! I’ve learned so much from the short time working at Good Clean Love about feminine hygiene and how important it is to be mindful of what goes on and in our vagina. This topic always tends to be a tough one—so let’s dive right in!

Now is the time I bring up that dreaded topic that women avoid talking about—vaginal odor.

Although it is completely normal for your vagina to have a slight odor, there are times that we may smell something a bit more “fishy” than normal. Or we may experience dryness that results in itching and burning sensations. In those moments, we just want to hide and hope no one else notices our urge to relieve the itch and hope that spraying some perfume down there will mask the smell. Maybe we frantically Google “How to get rid of vaginal odor?” and tons of articles about “How eating pineapple can change the smell of your vagina” pop up.

Speaking from experience, you may want to try a little more than just eating some pineapple, so I created a list for you of tips that I recommend you try to help eliminate vaginal odor without masking it and potentially making things worse!

Full disclosure, I'm a bit biased towards Good Clean Love products, but only because this stuff really works!

  • Use a pH balanced wash
  • Try out a pH balanced moisturizing gel (for dryness)
  • Carry pH balancing wipes in your purse (for on-the-go circumstances)
  • Avoid douching