It took me many, many years to accept that my body does not like caffeine. Honestly, my head is still resisting what my body tells me on the rare occasions I drink it. While I have never enjoyed the taste of coffee, my passion for tea has grown over the years. I love it all – everything from sweet and milky lattes in the summer to earthy loose-leaf brews in winter. Unfortunately, I almost always come to regret it later that day, finding that my heart pounds, my sleep is interrupted, and even migraines are triggered after just a few days of drinking tea.

Does this sound familiar? Our friends at Bustle cover the common symptoms in 7 Signs You’re Sensitive to Caffeine.

So, what can you do if you’re sensitive to caffeine?

If you still feel the need for an energy boost, try natural solutions like going to sleep earlier, getting more exposure to the sun every morning, exercising more often, or even popping a piece of gum! People who chewed gum for 15 minutes felt more alert than those who didn’t pop a piece.

If you miss the ritual of drinking caffeinated beverages, try an alternative like decaffeinated tea (beware this still contains some caffeine), or rooibos or honey bush which is about the closest thing I’ve found to the richness and tannic bite of tea. Rooibos makes an excellent chai (my favorite is the Bond Street Chai from Townshend's Tea), as well as iced tea or even bubble tea. There are also dozens of herbal varieties available these days. Try picking out a couple next time you’re at the grocery store. You’re sure to find a new favorite!