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Because Women’s Health Matters

Because Women’s Health Matters

This week we have decided to focus on women's health matters, as it is the backbone of our company. We believe that only the safest, most natural products should be used when it comes to sexual health and feminine hygiene. This is reflected in our patented Bio-Matched™ technology, which mimics healthy vaginal conditions, a pioneer approach to lubricants. In an industry that was previously dominated by chemically heavy, irritating products, we created something that aligned with ‘female’ physiology. Unsurprisingly, when you make health a priority, people notice. That’s why we started our organic feminine hygiene sampling program.

Since it’s beginning, we have proudly provided organic feminine hygiene samples to over a thousand different healthcare professionals: including doctors, nurses, midwives, and sexual educators. Our donations have gone to many different organizations all over the country, the HIV alliance and Planned Parenthood being two notable recipients. Though the majority of our donations go to smaller practices, a lot of them local. Where do the most sample requests come from? University health centers and OB/GYN clinics. We feel gratified knowing that our organic feminine hygiene products are available to people who need them most, that is patients who aren’t necessarily in a position to choose between a generic OTC lubricant with petrochemicals and an organic, water-based alternative. More often that not, health care providers will use the product that they know to be the safest and thus we are humbled by the requests we get.

Our organic feminine hygiene sampling program would not be what it is today without the continuous feedback we receive from those that use our products. In turn we would like to thank those health professionals  for what they do and for choosing Good Clean Love. We thank you for using safe organic feminine hygiene products with your patients. We thank you for providing inclusive and accessible healthcare.  We thank you for making womens sexual health a priority in a country where it’s often a point of contention. We thank you for being educators, healers, and advocates.

When we talk about womens health matters, we must address obstacles.  Whether it’s in the form of legislation, bias, or stigma- there have always been obstacles preventing women from the care that they need. However, through our organic feminine hygiene sampling program we have had the honor to contribute to so many healthcare professionals who work to remove those obstacles. They are changing the dialogue around womens health matters to one of knowledge, accessibility, and empowerment. We are glad to be a part of something so much bigger than us.

Good Clean Love Staff