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Caring for Your Vaginal Microbiome: The First Step in the Journey to Pregnancy

Caring for Your Vaginal Microbiome: The First Step in the Journey to Pregnancy

Deciding to try for a baby may be one of the most exciting decisions you make in your life. 

However, the fertility journey and understanding the best ways to prepare your body for pregnancy can be daunting. When feeling overwhelmed about where to begin, start at the source: the vagina. Or more specifically, the vaginal microbiome.  

When trying to conceive it is essential to take proactive steps toward nourishing your vaginal ecosystem, especially in the days leading up to ovulation. The vaginal microbiome is the vagina and all the microbial organisms, such as bacteria, that live there. The healthiest vaginal environments are linked with the best outcomes with fertility and pregnancy.  Learn more.

A healthy vaginal microbiome is one with balanced pH levels and thriving lactobacilli, the beneficial bacteria found in the vagina. Managing these factors helps reduce risk of developing vaginal conditions such as Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), which have been linked to difficulties becoming and remaining pregnant, and there are things you can proactively do to maintain a healthy vaginal microbiome.

Steps to care for your vaginal microbiome while trying to conceive


Daily: Use a pH-balanced vulvar wash

Unlike the vagina, the vulva has no method to flush away substances that the skin may be exposed to, such as vaginal discharge, menstrual blood, ejaculate, saliva, urine, sweat, etc. Using a pH-balanced vulvar wash formulated with clean ingredients is a great way to cleanse the vulva without disrupting the balance of the vaginal biome.  Learn more.

Try Balance Moisturizing Wash, formulated with organic aloe and other natural ingredients to cleanse, moisturize, and help you feel fresh.

Every other day: Use a pH-balanced moisturizing gel

Using a clean ingredient vaginal gel is a great way to reduce dryness, discomfort, and abnormal odor to help maintain a healthy vaginal ecosystem.

Try Restore Moisturizing Vaginal Gel, also formulated with organic aloe, this gel does moisturizing magic while supporting healthy vaginal pH.

Every third day: Use a vaginal suppository

A probiotic vaginal supplement is a great way to help restore healthy vaginal flora and lower elevated vaginal pH. Look for a probiotic with prevalent strains of vaginal lactobacilli (the good bacteria).

Try BiopHresh Homeopathic Vaginal Suppository, with over 5 billion cells of active lactobacilli to support vaginal microbiome health and relieve symptoms of BV.

When having sex: Use a microbiome-friendly fertility lubricant

Using a pH-balanced, iso-osmolar fertility lubricant will help keep the vaginal microbiome healthy while preserving sperm mobility & viability. Ingredients in some lubricants can actually inhibit sperm mobility, so it is important to look for a clean ingredient, pH-balanced lubricant that is specifically designed for use when trying to conceive.

Try BioGenesis Fertility Lubricant, sperm-friendly, pH-balanced, and iso-osmolar to support a healthy vaginal microbiome with added magnesium & calcium ions to support conception.

Egg Whisperer Pre-TTC Kit

Good Clean Love® is honored to collaborate with Dr. Aimee, a full-time practicing fertility doctor to share The Egg Whisperer Pre-TTC Kit, which includes all the products needed for your vaginal microbiome health routine along with Proov® LH Predict Tests to help you more accurately predict your two most fertile days of your cycle. This kit is enough to get you through 2-3 cycles of ovulation with maximum vaginal health.

Dr. Aimee is well known for her highly rated podcast  The EggWhisperer Show, on which she and Good Clean Love founder Wendy Strgar recently talked all about the vaginal microbiome, why Wendy decided to start making all natural products, and why it's important for you to choose the right lube for when you're trying to conceive. Check out their conversation  here.

Good Clean Love’s OBGYN-recommended Bio-Match® wellness products are formulated to support a healthy vaginal ecosystem through pH balance, mimicking natural moisture, and enabling beneficial lactobacilli to thrive. Made with organic and natural ingredients and free of parabens, petrochemicals, and artificial fragrance. These patented products moisturize, cleanse, and optimize your vaginal health.