Making Love Sustainable

Writings on love, intimacy and relationships from our Founder and CEO, Wendy Strgar

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Fighting for Your Love

Sometimes you just have to fight about it. As human animals, conflict is not only a natural outcome of partnerships and family units; it is an essential part of building unity. Our differences may make life more interesting, but learning...
by Wendy Strgar

4 Steps to Finding Emotional Courage

Most of us are risk averse when it comes to matters of the heart. This is why so many things that need to be shared are never uttered. It also explains why so many relationships expire long before the work is...
by Wendy Strgar

4 Practices for Grateful Sex

I have been working at the crossroads of gratitude and sex for most of my adult life. As the years pile on in my marriage, I am not only astounded by the longevity of my intimate life, but literally weep...
by Wendy Strgar