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Writings on love, intimacy and relationships from our Founder and CEO, Wendy Strgar

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Enduring Grief Is Love

I am often speechless these days. It is hard to trust the words I have known to convey what it is like to go on living since my son Ian has left. My writer self, like the...
by Wendy Strgar

4 Ways to Embrace the Work of Love

I am not sure if it is a primarily Western mentality that presumes that life will be easy, and as an extension it will require little effort. In fact, we belittle work as an encumbrance, instead of recognizing it for...
by Wendy Strgar

How to Weed Out Negative Thoughts Before They Overtake Your Mind – And Your Relationship

“You must weed your mind as you would weed your garden.” ~Terri Guillemets I learned about weeds before I learned anything about gardens. For my 40th birthday, my husband built me a beautiful, secure deer fence to make my first garden. Someone...
by Wendy Strgar