Making Love Sustainable

Writings on love, intimacy and relationships from our Founder and CEO, Wendy Strgar

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A Sustainable Life

I am learning hour by hour what sustainable love means these days. It begins with me- in me actually. My lip service to the overwhelming level of activities and demands that drive my lifestyle is just not good enough. It...
by Wendy Strgar

Thinking Solar

The sun is the only passive source of energy in the universe. All the light and all the heat that exists without our effort begins there. The idea of transforming that light into usable energy is at the center of...
by Wendy Strgar

Just Do It

The question that comes up most often when I suggest that we give up this idea that we should be in the mood to engage in or respond to an invitation for intimacy is, How do you do it? So...
by Wendy Strgar