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Writings on love, intimacy and relationships from our Founder and CEO, Wendy Strgar

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Celebrating Summer – Diving into Pleasure

There is no time like long summer nights to cultivate the uniquely, profoundly human capacity for pleasure, especially sexual pleasure. Our pleasure response transforms our relationship to each other and even to life itself.  Focusing on pleasure not only changes...
by Wendy Strgar

Igniting the Flame

A long holiday weekend is a great time to consider staying in to create your own fireworks. As much as sexuality floods the media, many couples are hard pressed to find the time and attention that a healthy and vital...
by Wendy Strgar

5 Easy Ways to Grow Arousal

The ability to orgasm remains one of the most coveted and yet misunderstood human experiences there is, partly because we wrongly believe that it is an experience of the genitals. In fact, our ability to climax reverberates throughout the body...
by Wendy Strgar