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It seems like everyone is using coconut oil these days, and not just for sauteing veggies. With seemingly limitless uses for health and beauty, what was once a humble pantry staple has become the latest all-purpose health food of the moment. But as with any explosive health and beauty trend, there comes a point when things can get taken a little too far. 
  • 10 min read
A healthy vagina has a pH level between 3.8 and 4.5, which falls on the acidic side of the pH scale. This acidic vaginal environment is protective, and helps prevent unhealthy bacteria and yeast from multiplying too quickly, which can lead to infection. A higher vaginal pH level (above 4.5) provides the perfect environment for unhealthy bacteria to grow, which puts you at risk for infections and inflammation.
  • 3 min read

Growing up, my family - like many families - always used bar soap in the shower or bath. I always wondered why the soap hurt “down there” and why taking bubble baths tended to give some of my friends yeast infections. Now I know that this was because bar soaps have harsh ingredients that not only kill bad bacteria, but also kill the good bacteria that women need to keep their vaginas healthy! Also, most bubble baths have ingredients that kill the good bacteria. 

  • 2 min read
First, you’re not alone! Vaginal itching and irritation are two of the most common symptoms women tend to experience when it comes to vaginal health. In fact, a recent PubMed study revealed that 60% or more women experienced vaginal itching in the last two years.
  • 3 min read

Birth control and lubricant delivered straight to your door? The future really is female! At least, that’s what we’re beginning to think after collaborating with the incredibly innovative staff at The Pill Club.

  • 3 min read

Here at Good Clean Love, our mission is to increase the quantity and quality of loving relationships on the planet. That’s why we only use the safest and most natural ingredients in all our products, and strive to educate young adults about equal pleasure

So, we were pretty happy to see Drug Store Newsspreading the word about our recently expanded distribution. We’ve added our natural intimacy...

  • 1 min read

“There may be nothing more joyful, more intimate than the wonder of two bodies discovering the wonder of gliding smoothly together.”  Wendy Strgar

Female lubrication is a fact of life- it is the grease that keeps the crank turning, the fluidity of a conversation that goes late into the night, the moisture that transforms the friction of skin to skin contact into a glide. I have spent much of my...

  • 5 min read

Women’s health is at the center of what we do at Good Clean Love. From our Bio-Match patented technology to extensive healthcare sampling program, our company is known for going above and beyond for women. That’s why joining the Change for Women Collective was an easy decision for our founder, Wendy Strgar. It just made sense. As a woman-owned B Corporation, Good Clean Love fits right in with the...

  • 4 min read

Have you ever considered the health risks or environmental impacts of menstrual products? You might want to! Pads and tampons comprise a multi-billion dollar global industry, one that recently has been criticized for itstoxicity AND itswaste. This has left many looking for alternatives, but it can be hard to choose! With dozens of new ‘organic’ tampons companies and rising brands like THINX,...

  • 5 min read

If our last article with Unboundhad you curious about subscription boxes, we understand. The popularity of subscription boxes has skyrocketed in 2016. Whether it’s vegan, midwifery, or intimate subscriptions, Good Clean Love products have appeared in various boxes. They’re not all for profit either; Now you can even have your contraception delivered for free! So what’s with this new, growing...

  • 3 min read

Since I started working at Good Clean Love, I’ve grown more conscious of what I use on and put inside my body.

Every day we are exposed to hundreds, if not thousands, of chemicals. Between my shampoo, lotion, makeup, and toiletries, there is no way I could keep track of them all. That’s normal, and I assumed others would do the heavy work for me (the FDA, for example).

  • 6 min read