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Egg Whisperer® Trying to Conceive (TTC) Kit

Egg Whisperer Recommended Pre-TTC Kit

Recommended by renowned fertility expert Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh, the Egg Whisperer®, this comprehensive kit brings together clinically proven products that improve the vaginal microbiome and make the journey to conception more enjoyable. This kit has everything you need to support optimal vaginal health through 2-3 ovulation cycles.

  • 2 oz. BioGenesis™ Fertility Lubricant: The only TTC lubricant without parabens and including calcium and magnesium ions to support fertility (10 count of 5mL sachets also included)
  • 8 oz. Balance Moisturizing Wash: A pH balanced daily cleansing wash that supports the vaginal biome
  • 2 oz. Restore® Moisturizing Vaginal Gel with Applicator: A pH balanced moisturizing gel to find your way back to a stable vaginal biome
  • 10 ct. BiopHresh® Homeopathic Vaginal Suppository: Homeopathic ingredients in a base of beneficial lactobacilli
  • 15 ct. Proov Ovulation Predictor Tests: Identify predict your 2 most fertile days so you know the best time to try from your home