Healing The Pain

Healing The Pain
September 25, 2009 Wendy Strgar

Each month, Good Clean Love gathers insightful ideas and strategies from our readers on maintaining a sustainable relationship. This month as we honor Breast Cancer Awareness month, we are asking our readers to join us and share stories of how they healed the pain and loss associated with cancer and other kinds of serious illness.

What are the key strategies or ideas that helped you overcome this challenge? How did you support someone as they battled with an illness or a life change? Were there any positive outcomes for yourself, your family or your friends as you went through the process of overcoming this issue? Any insights that changed your life or the way you think about it?

Your stories of healing are the most inspirational gift you can offer the world. You can post them here and we will share a collection of the best ideas in our newsletter and blog.

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  1. my dad had cancer and is doing well now, my sister has liver cancer and is not doing so well. taking care of myself..maintaining my daily practices of mindful breath breaks, just putting my hands on my heart area and breathing for a few moments reminds me to see the larger picture.

  2. Jocelyn Olivier 8 years ago

    Dear Wendy,

    Thanks so much for your article on Gratuitous Negativity. It was excellent and timely for me.

    My lover Nomad and I just had a horrid day due to the same process of emotional negativity taken into a downward spiral. In trying to explain what I saw happening I made it worse. It appears to have brought us to the brink of Nevermore. so coming home to your newsletter article was a gleam of sanity. I’ve forwarded it on to him hoping he’ll see it for what it was.

    Jocelyn Olivier

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