Lubricants 101

When it’s time for lube, we’ve got you covered. Good Clean Love offers four unique personal lubricants: Almost Naked™, Guilty Pleasure™, Bio-Match™ Restore™, and CBD CaraGold™.

Almost Naked & Guilty Pleasure FAQ (PDF)CaraGold FAQ (PDF)

Almost Naked™ and Guilty Pleasure™ are organic, aloe-based lubes that are lightly scented with organic flavors. Bio-Match™ Restore™ is part of our Bio-Match line, which is designed to promote overall sexual health by replenishing natural moisture as well as balancing pH and restoring vaginal lactic acid. Regular use of Restore™ may help to maintain a balanced pH, which supports beneficial lactobacilli which in turn naturally moisturizes and deodorizes. CBD CaraGold™ is the only personal lubricant formulated with European-certified organic CBD hemp oil. Unlike the better-known THC, CBD has no psychotropic effects and interacts in multiple ways with the body’s endo-cannabinoid system, creating ideal overall wellbeing.

All of our lubes are water-based, so they’re safe to use with latex condoms. They’re formulated with aloe and other natural ingredients to provide the same long-lasting glide as conventional lubricants without all the irritating chemical additives. They’re gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

Science agrees that our lubes are safe: Good Clean Love’s line of personal lubricant has been named one of the safest products of its class in independent scientific research, including a recent study funded and endorsed by the mothership of medicine, the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Sex shouldn’t be painful, or full of side effects. Our personal lubricants respect the most sensitive tissues in your body with organic ingredients and enhance your love life naturally.

I just bought a tube of Almost Naked — now what do I do?

Wait until the moment is right, and then apply lubricant generously to both partners. Reactivate glide with a wet kiss or a few drops of water as needed. Our lube is formulated to be extra gentle, but if irritation does occur, stop using it immediately. Lubricant is not a contraceptive.

How much of the product do I use at a time?

Lubricant adds more time and glide to lovemaking, so use it generously. Most often one application is sufficient, but don’t hesitate to apply a second time.

How long does it last?

Our personal lubricants are water-based and Bio-Matched™ to mimic the natural secretions of the vagina. They provide a clean and natural glide, which is reactivated by a drop of your own internal moisture or with the water you keep on your bedside table.

When should I use Restore™?

Bio-Match Restore Moisturizing Personal Lubricant

If you’re regularly experiencing unusual and/or painful vaginal dryness, Restore™ and our other Bio-Match™ products may help to restore your body’s natural moisture and pH balance. (Check out Bio-Match™ 101 for more about how these products work.)

First, though, you should check with your gynecologist to rule out any infections or other medical problems.

Are Good Clean Love Personal Lubricants safe for use with latex condoms?

Yes! Good Clean Love Personal Lubricants are aloe-based (a type of water-based lubricant), which makes them safe for use with latex condoms.

I’m pregnant — is it safe for me to use lubricant?

Yes, our lubricants are safe for all phases of pregnancy. Although we don’t artificially bump up our lubricant’s pH for sperm to have a longer life, our product also does not kill sperm on contact.

What is the lubricant’s pH and why does it matter?

Our personal lubricant’s pH is between 4.3-4.8, which is close to the healthy vaginal pH of 4.0. Having a pH above 5 or 6 creates ideal conditions for harmful bacteria to grow and overtake the healthy lactobacilli that need a much lower pH to thrive. In this situation, the lower pH of Good Clean Love’s lubricant might create a warming or even burning sensation at first.

My skin is super sensitive. Will I be able to use Good Clean Love’s lube without my skin getting irritated?

Our natural lube is recommended by medical professionals nationwide. A national study found Good Clean Love personal lubricants to be the most similar in cellular weight and salt balance to natural female lubrication. Conventional lubricants very often use heavy petrochemical ingredients in their formulations. This study also found that a single use of petrochemical-heavy conventional lubricant increased the risk of bacterial vaginosis by 13 times. That’s a big deal — research has shown that BV makes women more likely to spread sexually transmitted infections, including HIV infection. You can read more about our ingredients here.

What ingredients might someone have a reaction to?

Most people do not react to any ingredients in our products, although we have heard of some allergic reactions to aloe. Our preservative system is one of the most gentle on the market and is included in our formulations at the smallest percentages possible to provide solid protection without overuse of chemicals (learn more about our ingredients here). Usually, when someone experiences an uncomfortable (warming or burning) reaction, it is their body reacting to the lower pH of the product, which may cause irritation when vaginal pH is higher than normal.

What are the “natural flavors” listed in Almost Naked and Guilty Pleasure?

We strictly use organically compliant natural food grade flavors. That means you’re only getting flavors with naturally derived ingredients. Almost Naked is infused with lemon and vanilla and Guilty Pleasure is infused with cinnamon and vanilla, giving both lubricants a light scent and flavor.

What’s the deal with CBD CaraGold™? Will it get me high?

CBD CaraGold Premium Personal Lubricant

Recent research with CBD has shown significant reduction in inflammation and pain symptoms as it is a powerful analgesic and antioxidant. We’ve added this healing ingredient to a natural, water- and aloe-based lubricant. Our CBD is derived from hemp oil, and CBD from hemp oil has little to no THC in it, meaning our CBD has no psychotropic effects, CaraGold™ will not create the “high” sensation associated with THC, which is the psychoactive chemical in marijuana.

Sometimes sex is very painful for me. How will lubricant help me have better sex?

The issue could be vaginal dryness, something that affects many women at different times in their intimate lives. Check with your doctor about any serious conditions, of course, but it’s probably nothing to worry about. In that case, a natural, organic lubricant like Good Clean Love’s can make sex a lot more comfortable for both you and your partner.

I’m going through menopause — how will a lubricant add to my sex life?

When the timing is right, a good lube can enhance sensation and glide. Vaginal dryness can be an issue for women going through menopause — hormone levels are changing, and our bodies just aren’t responding in the ways they used to. Nothing to worry about — our bodies change. The great thing about Good Clean Love’s personal lubricants is that they have been found by researchers to be the most similar in cellular weight and salt balance to natural female lubrication. This means that, of all the lubricants out there, ours will feel the most like what your own body produces.

I’m looking for a water-based lubricant. Should I buy one of Good Clean Love’s lubes?


Water-based lubricant is the safest for use with condoms (read our post about this). So, it’s important to us to offer a water-based lubricant. We would love to offer you a 100% perfect, preservative-free water-based lubricant, but we also have to be realistic: water-based products can easily become a hotbed for mold, mildew, and bacteria, which is something that we don’t want a single one of our customers to come into contact with, ever. We want to offer you the healthiest natural lubricant we can, and bacterial infections are not healthy!

The answer? We start with a low-micro variety of aloe, and pasteurize it so that we have the cleanest possible base to work from. Lactic acid helps us out against many of the remaining harmful bacteria. All this prep work allows us to use the smallest possible amount of preservatives — just enough to keep you safe, and keep your lube lasting as long as you do.

We encourage you to read more about our ingredients.

Is it okay to use coconut oil as a lubricant with condoms?

Oil has been shown in multiple tests to weaken latex condoms. However, if you’re not using a condom, coconut oil can make a great natural lubricant. We wrote an article about this, “Reconsidering Coconut Oil As Lube.”

If Good Clean Love Personal Lubricant is certified organic, then why does the packaging say “95% Organic”?

Good Clean Love Personal Lubricants are Oregon Tilth Certified Organic, which is one of the most highly regarded organic certifications. That means we meet all of their rigorous standards for organic certification, including using only organic ingredients if an organic version of the ingredient exists. Unfortunately, agar (seaweed) and xanthan gum do not exist in organic form, so that’s what the 5% non-organic ingredients comprise. The threshold requirement for organic personal care products to be certified organic by Oregon Tilth is 70% organic ingredients; Good Clean Love Personal Lubricants not only meet this requirement, they exceed it.

You mentioned Good Clean Love’s lubricants were in a study. Where can I read more about that?

There’s more information about the study in our FAQs as well as on the “Our Science is Sexy” page. We’re super proud to be able to offer such a safe product, and that the research backs us up.

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