Making Love Sustainable

  • Apr042016
    Boy watching TV

    How we all perpetuate Rape Culture & what we can do to stop

    In true late adopter fashion, I’ve finally jumped into watching “Game of Thrones” after, well, years of seeing headline after…

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  • Mar302016

    “Let Happiness Search for You”

    The title of this post is from an essay by Sparrow, a poet. I love this essay because I think…

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  • Mar282016

    The Conversations Which Shape A Healthful Sexuality

    “…the nearly $2 billion spent on abstinence only education over the past quarter-century may as well have been set on…

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  • Mar232016
    woman in bed

    Anal Sex, Oral Sex, and Long-Term Relationships

    I visited a friend for a night recently, and as usual we talked about sex. She told me that she and…

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  • Mar212016
    fishing alone

    What Do You Need to be Happy?

    Maybe you think you need a vacation. Maybe you think you need certain kinds of food, or a certain amount…

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  • Mar182016

    Oral Sex: Understand, Improve and Appreciate It

    “Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature.”  -Marilyn Monroe Oral sex is, at once, one of…

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  • Mar172016

    The Importance of Female Friendship

    This month, we celebrate both Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. Both of these events have gotten me thinking…

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  • Mar112016

    The Evolutionary Science and Art of the Kiss

    “A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.”- Ingrid Bergman Kissing is…

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  • Mar092016
    man alone in stadium

    Living Alone vs. Living With Ourselves

    Love is scary. There, I said what we’ve all been thinking. Sometimes, love is so scary that it’s easier to…

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  • Mar072016
    typewriter + roses

    Writing My First Erotic Novel

    So, I spent the last month writing an erotic novel (under a pen name, and it isn’t technically novel length;…

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  • Mar042016

    Healthy Reasons to Make More Love

    “Wherever you are is the entry point.”  -Kabir   Our sexual lives often are held apart from the considerations and…

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  • Mar032016
    man's brogues

    Making Sense of the Friend Zone

    It was a normal weekend for us here at Good Clean Love when we posted a link to some light…

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  • Mar012016
    rumpled bed sheets

    Sex & Chronic Illness

    At first it may not be obvious how sex and chronic illness are related: what context could they possibly share?…

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  • Feb262016

    Common Sense Advice To Make Love Last

    “There is no perfection,  only life.”  Milan Kundera A dear friend of mine who will be signing divorce papers next…

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  • Feb252016

    The First Year of Marriage

    I’ll admit that I’m a marriage newbie. After all, my husband and I got married just last fall after being…

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