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  • My new husband and I just love your products! And at 78, that's saying something!
    Good Clean Love Customer
  • It works incredibly well to rehydrate the vaginal walls and the vaginal opening when used as directed. Out of all the products I've used, this one has been the best! Absolutely love it!
    Good Clean Love Customer
  • The scent is delicious - not masculine or feminine yet very distinct. It is very nice to use as a lubricant - no adverse reactions for me or my partner. Rubs into skin after activity very nicely.
    CSGGood Clean Love Customer
  • I was very impressed with the history of your company and the science behind the products. Good Clean Love will definitely be in my arsenal of products to recommend for any others in my situation following radiation and surgery
  • This is the best lubricant I have used and I want to get the word out. I find the best way is to have a small sample available for patients to use. After the first experience I think my patients will be hooked.
    Deb Morrill Director of Women's Health, Marino Center for Integrative Health
  • When clients ask me what personal lubricant I suggest, one brand comes to mind. Good Clean Love. Because Good Clean Love uses organic ingredients from sustainable sources, and because their products feel and taste great — without having the dangerous amounts of glycerin that other companies use — I recommend GCL's products above all others. And if an adult boutique wants me to send my clients there, one of the 'weeding out' questions I ask is, 'What lubes do you carry?' If they don't carry GCL, I'll think twice before sending anybody to their store. My advice as a sexologist is: don't just ask for any lubricant. Ask for Good Clean Love by name. It's good for you, your partner, and the Earth — that's a menage-a-trois worth celebrating!
    Eric Marlowe Garrison, MAEd, MScACS

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