Change for Women

Women’s health is at the center of what we do at Good Clean Love.

Social responsibility doesn't just mean good products, but good business too. As a woman-owned, B Corporation, Good Clean Love fits right in with the growing list of entrepreneurs who seek real change, and value philanthropic giving.

From our patented Bio-Match™ technology to our extensive healthcare sampling program, Good Clean Love is dedicated to going above and beyond for women.

It's an honor for us to support the Change for Women Collective

The Change for Women Collective is made up of creative leaders and businesses standing together to make a difference by supporting the protection of health, human rights, and equality for women and girls everywhere.
Whether it's by raising awareness or through direct funding, our goal is to collectively help support the wide range of local and global non-profit organizations working to address many of the issues confronting women.

The key issues range from economic empowerment, equal rights, and education, to women's health, prenatal support, and more.

Make a Purchase. Make a Difference.

Every time you make an online purchase of Good Clean Love products, you're standing shoulder to shoulder with us to help fund these hand-selected non-profits that represent causes dear to our hearts.
Good Clean Love has partnered with Change for Women Collective to donate 10% of web proceeds to these organizations who support women's health initiatives and advocacy.
Your purchase allows us to actively do our part to help end one of the greatest moral challenges of our time: gender inequality. We know that together we can collectively be the change we so desperately wish to see.

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