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Most conventional feminine washes contain perfumes, artificial colors, and other toxic ingredients - the SAME ingredients you'd find in brake fluid. Yikes!

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You drink organic coffee, do yoga every day, take the best vitamins - why are you using toxic feminine wash? Harsh chemicals in your most sensitive areas is a no-no! Instead, switch to a pH-balanced, natural feminine wash that supports your vaginal health.

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Vaginal care products should make you feel better about your body, not create side effects such as itching and burning. This is why we created Good Clean Love®, and it’s why we're so particular about our ingredients. Our Bio-Match® sexual health products are designed to Work The Way You Do™, supporting overall health and wellness.

“So gentle and so soft!! I've been using this wash for over a year now. It's the only vaginal cleanser I trust because I haven't had any irritation or infections! I don't worry about it getting close or in any place and it genuinely leaves my lady bits soft. Thank you!!”

Suzanne O.
Verified Buyer, California

“Feels actually clean vs covered in soap. My previous soap made me feel like it was just there forever - really strong scent, really thick. This is a refreshing and very light scent and feel. I feel like it cleans me, then washes off. I have sensitivities so it's exactly what I was looking for!”

Jen S.
Verified Buyer, Kentucky

What Makes Us Different.

Safe & Organic

Good Clean Love products always use natural ingredients and are packaged with eco-friendly materials. None of our products contain petrochemicals, parabens or synthetic fragrances.

To Women's Health

We develop and offer premium natural, organic feminine hygiene and personal intimacy products that have been developed with leading scientists.


In 2012, Good Clean Love's organic personal lubricant was named one of the safest products of its class by independent scientific research. 

Good Clean
Love’s Mission

Our mission is increase the awareness and the experience of love in the world, and so we support women's health and education locally and globally.