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Wendy Strgar
Founder and CEO, Good Clean Love

Wendy is known for many things – her awesome organic Good Clean Love product lines, her relationship advice, and even her books about making the most of your sex life. One thing only a handful of people know about Wendy is her devotion to cultivating a spiritual life. Trained and certified as an energy healer and Reiki master, Wendy is a daily meditator and has been studying for several years with well-known teachers Sally Kempton, Rod Stryker, and Paul Mueller on the ancient Tantric texts. When things are not working in life, she always says, “I need to meditate more…” believing that we always make the most powerful changes in our life from the inside out. Her intention to make every day good begins with this practice of quieting her thinking mind so she can hear the voice of the universe.

Wendy is also a serious animal lover. Currently, she has two loving canine companions and two kitties. Her puppies are frequent visitors to the office and taking them on long walks in nature is another kind of walking meditation she counts on to keep her grounded. She has always had all kinds of animals filling their family life including a horse, dozens of baby goats, bearded dragons, and more.

Besides energy work and animals, Wendy loves to both cook and eat healthy and delicious natural foods. She has grown an edible garden for decades and is known among her closest friends for her magical plum jam from the golden plum tree in her garden.

There is so much magic we miss in the busyness of our daily life. Follow Wendy and the team every day for easy ways to inspire and activate a Make it Good life.
Mackie Swan
Marketing & Sales Director, Good Clean Love

Mackie is the Marketing & Sales Director at Good Clean Love, and she is a vocal advocate for women's health.

She loves to travel, and her favorite places she's visited are Cambodia, South Africa & Iceland!

Mackie is a PNW native, and her perfect day includes a Bikram yoga class, freshly-brewed batch of kombucha and exploring the beautiful outdoors. She is passionate about nutrition and holistic healing. In her free time, she volunteers for local nonprofit organizations that help underserved children in the community.
Marilyn Brady
Digital and Social Content Coordinator, Good Clean Love

Marilyn works for Good Clean Love as a Digital and Social Content Coordinator where she writes blogs and creates graphics and videos for social media platforms. Her love for creating beautiful content comes from her passion as a fashion blogger. Marilyn loves to model clothing and show her personality through her photos that her photographer boyfriend takes of her.

But what Marilyn has always been known for since she was just 10 years old is her passion for ballet. She trained in a small studio in Northern California until she graduated high school and moved to Eugene, Oregon, to dance with the Eugene Ballet Company where she had the honor to dance for five years performing all over the Pacific Northwest. When she’s not dancing or standing in front of a camera you will find Marilyn at the gym, doing yoga, or going on a hike.

Marilyn is always up for an adventure—always wanting to explore and see places she’s never seen before. And she can’t wait to share her life’s insights with you!
Meghan Morgavan
Digital Marketing Specialist, Good Clean Love

Meghan ...