Medical Sampling Program

Good Clean Love is proud to have donated over 1 million samples to women suffering from vaginal dryness, odor, and painful intimacy. Join the thousands of healthcare providers nationwide who are showing their commitment to women’s health.

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50 Samples in Each Kit

Our sample kits contain 50 single use samples of our products. Please note, the types of samples and the quantities of each sample may vary per kit. 

We Recognize That:

  • 54% of women have some kind of pelvic pain
  • 44% of women experience vaginal dryness
  • 44% of women experience pain with sex
  • 40% of women experience vaginal odor
  • 40% of women have vaginal atrophy
  • 26% of women have incontinence
Our Bio Match™ Products...

  • Moisturize and relieve vaginal dryness and discomfort
  • Naturally eliminate vaginal odor
  • Are made with natural and organic ingredients
  • Are based on scientifically-advanced formulations
  • Replicate healthy vaginal pH with patented formulas
Suggested Readings (PDF):
Global Consultation on Personal Lubricants
Elsevier Toxicology Reports

More Than Just Samples

Each medical sample kit comes with educational materials for your patients, including an offer for a FREE Bio Match Essentials Kit to address all their feminine hygiene needs…


What is in the Sample Kit?

Single use sachets of:
Almost Naked™ Personal Lubricant
Good Clean Love Almost Naked™ Organic Personal Lubricant is a water-based lubricant made with aloe vera and infused with a touch of lemon and vanilla, giving it a light organic flavor. This organic Good Clean Love personal lubricant is designed for the most sensitive skin types. Almost Naked™ Personal Lubricant is formulated to provide a long-lasting glide without irritating chemical additives and sticky cleanup.
Single use sachets of:
Restore™ Moisturizing Gel
Formulated under the guidance of independent scientific research, patented, Bio Match™ Restore™ moisturizing personal gel mimics the body’s natural equilibrium with perfectly calibrated pH levels, salt balance, and the same type of beneficial lactic acid produced by healthy lactobacilli for a truly bio-matched, healthy lubricating response. Bio Match™ Restore™ moisturizing personal gel is an essential part of a pro-active daily feminine hygiene routine.
Single use sachets of:
BioNude™ Ultra Sensitive Personal Lubricant
BioNude™ ultra sensitive moisturizing personal lubricant helps protect the sensitive vaginal ecosystem while providing maximum natural glide. BioNude™ ultra sensitive lubricant is scientifically formulated for the most sensitive tissue. BioNude™ is formulated to emulate your body’s own natural lubrication and uses plant cellulose as a thickening agent. BioNude™, like all Good Clean Love products, does not contain any parabens and is 100% vegan. Unflavored BioNude™ is the lubricant that most closely mimics natural female moisture.


What Doctors Are Saying

I love recommending Good Clean Love products to my clients. Restore™ has helped many of my clients with recurrent bacterial vaginosis, and many who are seeking a natural, organic product. Thank you!

- Sarah Stetina, OMG Women's HealthCare
I use Good Clean Love samples when I do pelvic floor exams in my physical therapy practice, and do not have to worry about sensitivities the patient might have. I also send a sample home with each patient, and let them know where they can purchase it. I love recommending Good Clean Love products!

- Kerry Boysen, Restore Physical Therapy
Just a wonderful product - my patients love it! I think it is a wonderful tool for discussing vaginal health and sexual comfort!

- Ann Mattson, CU-Boulder Wardenburg Health Center Midwife Services
I myself have tried the Restore™ product. I was absolutely blown away by the end results. I have never used any such product and saw such outstanding results . I myself will religiously stand by and continue to purchase Restore™ for my own self confidence and to maintain optimal women's health.

- Sarah Phillips, Medical Assistant
I have had so many positive responses to this product from my patients. I am so excited with the response. I do know that several of my patients have switched from [popular OTC lubricant brand] to this product after using the samples we provided them with... they say there is no comparison!

- Harry Kuberg, Kuberg Clinic
I'm a doula and childbirth educator who frequently works closely with couples experiencing sexual dysfunction after childbirth. I address the issue during my classes and meetings, but I hope sending students home with a sample and information will help them absorb the information and seek out help. I'm so glad to have found a company that prioritizes health and safety!

- Alex Hull
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Good Clean Love is revolutionizing feminine hygiene and sexual health products by providing...

  • Organic and Natural Ingredients
  • Patented, Scientifically-Advanced Formulations
  • Research-Based Bio Matched Solutions
  • Products That Make You Feel Better Every Day
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