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13 January 2018
Allure Magazine featured Almost Naked on their list of 7 High-Quality Lubes That Make Sex Feel Even Better.
30 December 2017
MindBodyGreen picked up an article by founder Wendy Strgar detailing ways to instantly connect with your loved ones.
13 December 2017
INSIDER spoke to our very own Wendy Strgar about what couples should steer clear of in an article about how to approach arguments with your partner.
24 November 2017
Founder Wendy Strgar offered relationship advice to couples in HelloGiggles' article 7 things to try when you and your partner are in a sex rut.
FOX 12 Oregon
8 November 2017
FOX 12 Oregon featured Good Clean Love in a segment for More Good Day Oregon.
Brides Online
27 October 2017
Good Clean Love was highlighted by Brides Online in an article discussing tips on how to step up your foreplay game.
Organic Authority
19 October 2017
Organic Authority included Almost Naked on their list of 3 Natural Sexual Lubricants for Better, Safer Sex.
Supplemental Police
29 September 2017
Good Clean Love was featured in a Supplement Police article about the benefits of organic personal lubricants.
Drug Store News
13 September 2017
Drug Store News highlights the expanding retail distribution of Good Clean Love products.
Brides Online
28 August 2017
Good Clean Love got a shout-out from Brides Online in their recent article What to Do if You and Your Partner Have Different Sex Drives.
31 July 2017
Our Bio-Match Restore Moisturizing Personal Lubricant was recently featured as a "game-changing green beauty product" by InStyle magazine.
29 July 2017
Cosmopolitan Magazine included Almost Naked in their August issue as their go-to lube for traditional ‘P-in-V’ sex. "A water-based, organic, and condom-safe lube won’t mess with your fragile flora. This one lasts for hours — you can reactivate its silky powers with a splash of water."
26 July 2017
Success! We recently received PETA’s Compassionate Business Award for our efforts to fight animal testing for lubricants. "Good Clean Love’s perseverance on this important issue has paved the way for all other personal lubricant companies to ask the FDA to skip using these archaic experiments on animals."
Chicago Tribune
13 July 2017
In an interview for the Chicago Tribune, Wendy Strgar discusses the need to develop a culture of consent among young people. "It’s about getting as many people as possible to understand that we all need to have a true sense of sexual freedom, which begins with a sense of responsibility about our own sexual needs that does not hurt or compromise anyone else’s."
22 June 2017
Motto, from the editors of Time Magazine, share an excerpt from Wendy Strgar’s latest book, Sex That Works, on the myriad of mental and physical benefits of masturbation. "Opening yourself up to more sexual pleasure will make you recognize the beauty in your body as it is, and inspire you to treat it better."
Health Magazine
22 June 2017
How can masturbation transform your sex life? In an interview with Health Magazine, Wendy Strgar explains why owning your own pleasure is essential to healthy intimacy, a core concept in her latest book: Sex That Works .
Mind Body Green
18 June 2017
Good Clean Love Founder Wendy Strgar explains how our sexual fantasies have the potential to heal us, (if we recognize them.)
Marie Claire
16 June 2017
Wendy outlines these five bad technology habits that might be ruining your relationship. in an interview with Marie Claire. "Our attention is the most generous thing we can offer someone we love, which explains why feeling heard by someone is akin to feeling loved by them."
Hello Giggles
16 June 2017
Wendy Strgar shares 5 ways to talk to your Significant Other about improving your sex life without any feelings getting hurt.
Organic Authority
12 June 2017
In this interview with Organic Authority, Good Clean Love founder Wendy Strgar shares insights on how to keep sex explosive and satisfying even after 34 years of marriage.
10 June 2017
Breakthrough! Good Clean Love’s pioneer work with PETA to fight animal testing has finally paid off. In a precedent-setting victory, Good Clean Love has eliminated the need for animal experiments previously mandated by the FDA approval. According to PETA, Good Clean Love has "opened the door for other companies to use non-animal tests."
Teen Vogue
6 June 2017
Good Clean Love’s Bio-Match Balance Wash receives the award for "best feminine hygiene wash" in Teen Vogue’s ‘2017 Back to School Awards’. "It will cleanse and refresh your parts without messing with your vaginal pH, which can cause itchiness or full-blown yeast infections."
5 June 2017
Is knowing your partners sexual history really important to your health? Your marriage? In this interview with Brides, Wendy helps couples navigate these essential pre-marriage conversations surrounding sex, intimacy, and health.
Mind Body Green
3 June 2017
Sexier sex? Sounder sleep? Better mood? Masturbate! According to Wendy Strgar, "you can’t be fully well without being sexually well." Get the facts about self-love.
24 May 2017
"If your relationship has been feeling a bit stilted lately, like you’re missing the excitement and energy you once had, don’t worry — the loveologist is in." Wendy Strgar shares 5 ways to keep the romance alive.
19 May 2017
The secret to achieving orgasm? Wendy Strgar tells POPSUGAR: stop focusing on it so much. "Falling into the sexual process with no end goal in sight and really digging the sensational experiences of being touched, fondled, and kissing is where arousal wakes up and begins its mysterious journey to orgasm,... "
3 May 2017
In an interview with INSIDER, a renowned sexologist shares her professional product recommendations to help people have better sex. Her must-have item? Good Clean Love’s Guilty Pleasure.
Mind Body Green
2 May 2017
Wendy Strgar weaves autonomy, maturity, and confidence to explain how individuals who have fully embraced their sexuality are the most attractive partners of all.
Spirituality & Health
20 April 2017
Almost Naked was included as an ‘everyday essential‘ in Spirituality & Health’s annual "Beauty 100 Picks": the best of the clean green brands.
New York Times
19 April 2017
Founder of Good Clean Love, Wendy Strgar, receives glowing New York Times review for her latest book, Sex That Works.

"Thoughtful, well-written ... inspirational ... Strgar makes very good points about how we confuse sexual freedom with sexual license, resulting in a hookup culture that has us faking orgasms like porn stars. Authentic sexual freedom, she writes, means ‘taking responsibility for our own sexual needs.’ This book shows us how to do just that ... "
Mind Body Green
6 April 2017
Wendy shares the one thing that can change ordinary sex into extraordinary love making.
3 April 2017
"Strgar struggled for years to persuade large retailers that her products serve millions of people who need lubricants for sex but suffered with the itching, burning and discomfort of many of the manufactured brands. It was an uphill battle but today, her products can be found in CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart and Target."
22 March 2017
"Our olfactory is the gateway sense for our memory, emotions, and sexual arousal. Whatever scents turn you on, use them to wake up your sexy feels." – Wendy Strgar.
Women's Health Online
20 March 2017
"Hormone changes and medications like birth control pills or antihistamines can also dry you up. In these cases, natural personal lubricants, like Restore by Good Clean Love can treat dryness."
Chicago Fox News 32
10 March 2017
"If they’re old enough to ask the question, they’re old enough to have an answer." Wendy Strgar explains the importance of teaching our children consent.
16 February 2017
"Other companies in this arena include Good Clean Love—a vegan lubricant company that was recently praised by Forbes for its work toward eliminating animal testing within the sexual health industry."
Mind Body Green
2 February 2017
"There isn’t one easy answer, pill, or toy that we can rely upon to consistently unlock the passionate sexual response we long for." – Wendy Strgar.
Marie Claire
30 January 2017
In ‘Two Sexperts on How To Upgrade Your Oral Sex Game’ Wendy Strgar provides great insight into female libido and stresses the importance of fantasy, aphrodisiacs, and mutual satisfaction.
15 January 2017
"’Sometimes friendships that have a certain chemistry will slide right into friends-with-benefits, which sometimes doesn’t work out, if you’re looking for a relationship,’ says loveologist and sex educator Wendy Strgar, author of Love that Works: A Guide to Enduring Intimacy."
14 January 2017
In ‘11 Ways to Save the Planet While Having Sex‘, steering clear of petroleum-based lubricants ranks #4. The healthy alternative? Good Clean Love: organic, free of petroleum, silicone, parabens and glycerin.
Essence Magazine
10 January 2017
"According to Loveologist, founder of Good Clean Love and author of Sex That Works, Wendy Strgar, the answer is yes and achieving the culmination of all five sensory abilities can make your intimate time between the sheets even more mind-blowing."
Hello Beautiful
10 January 2017
"Wendy Strgar told HB that many women don’t have the language to explore what sexy feels like to them. We confuse sexuality with being sexualized—meaning we see ourselves as sexy when someone else views us as sexy."
Huffington Post Canada
20 December 2016
It may be cold outside, but there are many ways to stay warm indoors. Huff Post recommends our Love Oils Rollerball Gift Set as the perfect foreplay kit for travelling.
Best Products
15 December 2016
"Good Clean Love dabbles in all things intimate, and thus their fragrances use a number of ancient aphrodisiacs to get your better half’s heart pumping."
28 November 2016
"If there’s one thing you can take from this guide, let it be this: you deserve better lube than what’s at a CVS, especially since a lot of them have glycerin, parabens, and petrochemicals in them. This lube’s [CBD CaraGold™] ingredient list honestly sounds like a nice gentle moisturizer; it’s mostly aloe, carrageenan, and hemp seed oil. It’s not sticky at all, and, while water-based, doesn’t dry out quickly. Which is like, exactly the point of lube."
16 November 2016
"This month, the makers of Good Clean Love personal lubricants received a patent for a revolutionary formulation that’s bringing health and happiness into bedrooms across the country. With their signature Bio-Match Restore and growing range of organic, female-engineered lubes and love oils, the team is on a mission to provide the benefits of using personal lubricants while taking away its all-too-common pains—which, according to the team’s medical experts, many women endure without even knowing it."
Men's Journal
27 October 2016
"In order to learn a bit more about what to avoid or look for in lubes, we recently caught up with Wendy Strgar. Back in 1999, as a 37-year-old mother of four, Strgar decided she needed lube, then discovered that everything readily available on the market irritated her tissue."
Thrillist Online
26 October 2016
"The orgasm gap is built into our different male and female physiology," says Wendy Strgar, loveologist and founder of the lubricant company Good Clean Love.
Prevention Magazine
5 October 2016
"Lube can be a lifesaver in the bedroom. But if you pick the wrong one, it can be seriously harmful to your health. Many of the bestselling varieties contain some of the same ingredients that are also used in antifreeze, brake fluid, and even oven cleaner", says Wendy Strgar, founder of Good Clean Love.
Edge Media Network
26 August 2016
"The founder of the sexual health company Good Clean Love, Wendy Strgar built her first lubricant laboratory in her Oregon kitchen. In between making meals for her family, she experimented with aromatherapy and homeopathy recipes to concoct an all-natural lubricant that would whet the appetite for some slick lovemaking."
Elite Daily
25 August 2016
"There seems to be a popular misconception among young women that we should be able to get wet on command. When we can’t, we assume we’re old, asexual or weird instead of, you know, just human. Strgar explains there are plenty of reasons why you could have trouble getting wet."
17 August 2016
"The guy isn’t the magic,’ says Strgar. ‘We’re the magic.’ There’s only one way to learn about your sexuality, and that’s to dive right in."
16 August 2016
"Coconut oil comes with one downside, however. As Irkalla mentioned, the oil is not latex friendly. If you’re looking for an organic lube to use with condoms, stick with something like Good Clean Love."
Ask Men
13 August 2016
"There are a lot of men who become dependent on this kind of stimulation to such a degree that they become unable to respond to intimacy with their partners," – Wendy Strgar talks porn and relationships.
OBG Management
28 July 2016
"Good Clean Love’s Personal Lubricants have been developed to mimic the body’s natural mucous production using certified 95% organic and natural ingredients, including aloe and agar, without chemical additives."
17 June 2016
Once you try organic, you never go back. "What I did notice about Restore is that it really felt natural. There was none of that sticky-thick-ultrasound-esque feel that I had with the KY Jelly. The organic lube really felt like what I’m used to feeling down there, just even more lubricated."
14 June 2016
In ‘6 Techniques to Become Multi-Orgasmic Every Time’, Wendy Strgar shares tips from her book Sex That Works: A Woman’s Guide to Embracing the Erotic, Awakening Arousal, and Deepening Intimacy.
Black And Married With Kids
9 June 2016
"The solution, according to Strgar, isn’t just to purchase a lubricant (though it may help; it won’t solve your problem, she warns). She says couples need to invest more time in foreplay."
Evening Standard
23 May 2016
The Evening Standard teaches Londoners how to have a green sex life, from eco-lube to bio condoms: "Good Clean Love use organic aloe leaf juice to keep everything moving smoothly."
18 May 2016
Strgar gave Bustle the inside scoop on why it’s so important for women everywhere to think twice about what kind of lube they’re using in ‘4 Reasons To Use Natural Lubricants.’
The Register-Guard
13 March 2016
"Wendy Strgar, founder of Good Clean Love, said she wished that she had had a place for her business and access to other entrepreneurs when she was starting out. So last year when she leased more space for Good Clean Love’s headquarters on West Fifth Avenue in Eugene, she remodeled a suite of offices and set up Bloom — a shared work space for women-owned ventures."
BuzzFeed News
21 February 2016
"[Almost Naked] is organic and aloe-based so it’s great for super sensitive skin and it won’t leave behind a sticky mess. It’s safe on all sex toys and it has a touch of organic lemon and vanilla so it smells great too without the harsh chemical additives."
30 January 2016
The story behind how Wendy Strgar’s pioneer struggle with the FDA earned Good Clean Love the first "Working for Regulatory Change" certification from PETA.
2 October 2015
"If you’re the type who obsessively reads the labels on food and beauty products and gets a bit of a lady boner from phrases like ‘phthalate free’ or ‘ethically sourced,’ then all-natural lube is for you, ... Good Clean Love is a woman-owned and run, certified B Corp company with the goal of fostering both ethical and emotional responsibility. Their lube is free of petrochemicals and parabens."
2 June 2015
Anastasia Strgar (Wendy’s eldest) speaks about growing up with Good Clean Love and it’s liberating impact. "There’s a misconception that lubricant isn’t sexy. And a lot of times women my own age will sort of brag, 'Well, I don’t need lubricant'. Everybody needs lube, even if they don’t think they do. We use the phrase, Wetter is better."
The Oregonian
24 January 2015
"I really believe that in the next two years, this whole category is going to be turned upside down," Strgar said. "I think a lot of those products are going to come out as being bad for people. My whole goal is to pioneer the truth about sexual health… I feel really fortunate to be able to do this kind of work."

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