What People Are Saying About Good Clean Love

Btw, amazing product [Almost naked]. We’d been using oil and the switch to Almost Naked was transformative. Many kudos to your product development team.

I recently found out that I have a silicone allergy. Sex is often painful when using traditional lubricants and condoms. I bought some water based lubes only to be frustrated by how my lady areas would react as well as the necessity for a quick clean up. This is my opinion is a godsend! It is gel like in consistency unlike most personal lubricants and not at all sticky. I don’t feel grossed out by it being on my hands or feel the need to run to the bathroom immediately after sex to clean up. I like that it was readily available at Target as I may never have heard of it otherwise. After discovering this product [Guilty Pleasure] I wanted more which brought me to their website! This company seems to be committed to the cleanliness of their product, sustainability and treating sex holistically!

I was diagnosed with uterine cancer in September of last year and required a complete hysterectomy. Your Restore moisturizer is the best product that I've found. It keeps everything feeling normal as it did before surgery. Please consider sending out some samples and information to cancer centers that treat with these types of cancers regarding your restore products. I'm going to share with my doctor. She said that I don't look like a woman who is in menopause and I told her about your product. She said whatever you're doing keep doing it.

I heard about your company a few months back. I recently entered a new relationship and was looking for a discrete product to up the attraction level as we both have rather low libidos. I purchased the Origins Love Oil and all I can say is WOW! Holy smokes!!! Just a little bit will have you turned on and ready to go. They scent is perfect too, not to strong or overpowering!

Hello, I do not have a question, but rather a statement. I am so very happy I found your products. I have suffered with, what I did not know all these years, was BV. I tried to use scented washes and all kinds of OTC products and was always so upset. I discovered this by accident and feel like I need to purchase a case in the event you stop making the wash!! Thank you from a woman that literally cried after using it and is still amazed how easily my PH came back into balance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I have a multitude of clients with chronic bacterial vaginosis. I have been so thrilled to be able to offer them samples/literature by Good Clean Love in addition to educating them on maintaining a healthy vaginal biome. Thank you!

MaryAnne, Wellness Provider
I was always afraid of using any type of lube with my partner. I'd heard of chemical rashes and other unruly things happening and dryness. When I heard about Good Clean Love I immediately wanted to try it [Almost naked] and it was the best decision! I love it! And so does my partner! It smells great, tastes great, and doesn't leave dryness or any kind of rash. It's an amazing product and I'm so happy that I came across it!

I just started using the restore and almost naked lube. I have been suffering for a few years with constant itching and irritation. I have chemical sensitivities to everything, especially down there. Your products work! I can't tell you how often I have tried a product just to have inflamed skin, hives, intense burning or bleeding. I do a lot of biking and my seat and sweat don't help my irritation. I wanted to know if you are or could work on and anti chafing cream or chamois cream. After looking into these products, I am scared to try most chamois creams. I'm finally healing and I don't want to make my skin worse from chemicals again. I am going to start using your wash and wipes also. I have had so much success so far I have even had a few "wet" days lately! I haven't had that in almost 5 years! My gynecologist can't even help me other than giving me a cortisone cream. I don't want cortisone as a long term option. Anyway, thank you for making products that work without the use of harsh chemicals! My vagina and my husband love your products!!