Podcast 22: Science Of The Kiss

Podcast 22: Science Of The Kiss
October 26, 2009 Wendy Strgar

“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.” Ingrid Bergman

I love to kiss. When I think back to living in France in my 20s, the most memorable part of my time there was all the kissing that occurred. I got to kiss everyone: strangers, friends and of course, lovers. Participating in that social ritual that demanded that one come in close was what I missed most when I left. I had no idea that there was a science and study of kissing when I started this article and I must admit that I feel a bit miffed that we can consecrate a science to kissing, philematology, and people still balk at the idea of loveology. Still, the more I learn about kissing, the more legitimate the science becomes. Kissing is the building block of intimacy. Done with intention and passion, the kiss is the most profound of all our communication devices and the pathway to sustaining loving relationships.

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  1. C.C. 8 years ago

    I’m a guy. Years ago in college I dated an attractive guy. I had no reservations about having intercourse with him or in orally exploring the most intimate areas of his body, yet somehow I never got around to kissing him. I understand this is quite common. Gays are often reluctant about same-sex kissing. Please explain.

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