Sex That Works

Millions of couples report sexual dissatisfaction as the number one reason for ending their relationship—even after years together. So if we’ve lost that special spark, depth of connection, or sense of confidence in our sex lives, how do we rediscover passion and pleasure? Or if we’re embarking on a new adventure with someone, how can we overcome the challenges we had the last time? Sex That Works is a practical guide for women looking to reclaim intimacy, renew curiosity, and embrace our full potential for erotic freedom.

Drawing on her marriage of over 30 years and her work with thousands of people, Wendy Strgar invites readers to experience a new level of liberation and feeling in their sexuality. Nine core topics include Finding Your Normal, Sensation, Fantasy, and Gratitude along with stories, skill-building activities, and wisdom gleaned from her own journey. Strgar offers healing insights and the guidance of a trusted friend to encourage the full awakening and expression of our erotic selves.


Fire In Relationship

Many people believe that if the physical intimacy in their relationship were stronger, the rest would simply improve. Usually the reverse is true. Great sexual relationships and ongoing passion is the result of how you think, communicate and show up for the people you love. Not the reverse. Intimate lives that are fueled in all of these areas tend to be the ones where people can truly open up, discover their own passion, and be generous with their sexuality.