LELO Luna Beads Mini

LELO Luna Beads Mini

LELO Luna Beads Mini


LUNA™ Kegel beads are the world’s bestselling product of their kind. These Kegel toys respond to the wearer’s every movement, subtly vibrating when worn internally. These Kegel beads deliver discreet pleasures from the outset, LUNA™ Beads bring longer, stronger orgasms when worn regularly over time. Shop for Kegel toys and more online today.

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LELO Luna Beads Mini is a smaller edition of LUNA Beads, the world’s bestselling Kegel exercising aid. Featuring a smaller 29 mm diameter, LELO Luna Beads Mini has been specially designed to offer a perfect fit for women under 30 who have never been pregnant, while LUNA Beads are recommended for over-30’s and those who have been pregnant. With these Kegel toys, users gain stronger pelvic muscles resulting in longer, stronger, more attainable orgasms, reduced risk of incontinence and other pelvic floor disorders, and a faster return to tone and tightness after giving birth. Simple to insert and discreet when worn, Kegel beads contain weights that move as you move, producing subtle vibrations to prompt muscle contractions during everyday activities. Each set of LELO Luna Beads Mini includes two 28g and two 37g beads, which can be mixed and matched for a tailored routine, a satin storage pouch, and a sample of LELO Personal Moisturizer Lubricant all presented in LELO’s beautiful award-winning packaging.

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