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  • Oct252016

    The Make It Good Movement

    Make It Good is a sexual health and wellness initiative meant to address difficult topics in modern day relationships revolving…

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  • Oct072016

    An Intro To Partner Breast Checks

    It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Though this October we want to be more than just aware; we want to act.…

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  • Sep262016

    6 Tricks To Slow Down Sex

    Interested in slowing down your more intimate moments? We’ve compiled a list of 6 tricks to slow things down in…

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  • Sep262016

    Why You Should Join The Slow Sex Movement

    According to recent research American heterosexual sex lasts only 7.3 minutes on average. What is the rush, people? If we…

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  • May062016
    man in suit

    The Confidence to Get on Top

    Worrying about how many calories you’re burning while having sex seems like one of the worst kinds of punishment. Instead…

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  • Jul212015

    Why Love Products?

    I have a cool job, or as my fifteen year old son would correct me, it is fresh. I get…

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