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About Good Clean Love
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What is Good Clean Love?
Good Clean Love is a Certified B-Corporation and approved Green America company. We produce the finest all-natural, organic, sexual health and wellness products, offering a healthy alternative to chemical-laden products that have dominated the personal care and intimacy markets. Backed by multiple research studies — Good Clean Love’s line of personal lubricant has been named one of the safest products in its class.
How Did Good Clean Love Start?
Our company was founded by Wendy Strgar when she was experiencing negative reactions to conventional personal lubricants. She couldn’t find a safe product that worked well, and decided to make changes in the marketplace. Formulating products with clean, all-natural ingredients was the first step. Over the years, Good Clean Love has created new formulas and expanded the products they offer. We are proud to be at the forefront of combining sexual health and science. Read more about our story.
Can I Buy Good Clean Love Products in Stores?
Yes. Good Clean Love is carried in pharmacies and retail stores nationwide. Check our Store Locator to find stores carrying Good Clean Love near you. You can also buy Good Clean Love products from our online store and through several online retailers.

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Ordering and Shipping
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How is My Order Shipped?
Retail orders are shipped through USPS First Class, USPS Priority Mail, and FedEx Ground Residential.
How is Shipping Calculated?
Shipping is calculated by the weight and dimensions of your order.
When Will My Order Ship?
We ship retail orders daily Monday through Friday. Retail orders are shipped weekdays within 48 hours of the order being received through our system.
Do You Ship Internationally?
Yes, we ship to most international addresses. If you are concerned about your order being shipped to your international address, feel free to contact us.
How Are Your Products Packaged For Delivery? Discreetly?
Yes. All of our retail orders are shipped discreetly in neutral, unbranded packaging. The return address will show as being from Wendy Strgar in Eugene, OR.
What is the Return/Exchange Policy?
We want you to be delighted by every order you receive from Good Clean Love. If you aren’t please contact us. Please note that due to the nature of our products, we may not be able to grant refunds/exchanges for opened products.

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General Product Questions
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Do Good Clean Love Products Contain Parabens?
No. We don’t use parabens in any of our products.
Do Good Clean Love Products Contain Petrochemicals?
No. We don’t use parabens in any of our products.
Do Good Clean Love Products Contain Gluten?
No. None of our products contain gluten.
Do Good Clean Love Products Contain Glycerin?
There is no glycerin in Good Clean Love Personal Lubricants, or any other Good Clean Love Products except Bio Match™ Balance™ Moisturizing Wash, where it is used as a humectant (skin moisturizer).
Are Good Clean Love Products Vegan?
We are proud to produce high-quality vegan products.
Will Good Clean Love Products Cause Irritation?
We believe in providing only the healthiest and cleanest consumer intimacy products, taking the utmost care in selecting our organic ingredients and creating product formulations that work with the body. However, since everyone’s skin is unique, it’s impossible to guard against all possible allergens. Ingredients that are neutral to most people can be irritating to others. For that reason, we recommend doing a patch test on any new products before using on the entire body. Also, make sure to check the ingredients labels on your products for possible allergens. How to do a patch test.
Are Your Products Safe to Use with Condoms?
Our water-based Good Clean Love Almost Naked™ and Bio Match™ Restore™ Moisturizing Personal Lubricant are compatible and safe to use with latex, polyisoprene, and polyurethane condoms. We don’t recommend using our oil-based aphrodisiac products with latex condoms, as oil can cause latex condoms to break.
Are Your Products Safe to Use with Toys?
Yes. Our water-based Good Clean Love Naked™ and Bio Match™ Restore™ Moisturizing Personal Lubricant are safe to use with silicone toys. We also highly recommend using our Bio Match™ Balance™ Moisturizing Personal Wash as a safe-for-you toy wash.
Are Your Products Safe to Ingest?
Do Your Products Contain Sugar?
None of our products contain sugar.
Will Your Products Give Me a Yeast Infection?
Our products don’t contain any ingredients that are known to cause yeast infections. Our products are specially formulated with ingredients that work with the body, not against it.
When Do Good Clean Love Products Expire?
Our products expire two years after the date printed on the package. Once the product is open, it won’t expire for two more years. 

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Scientific Research
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Where Can I Find More Information About a Scientific Study Conducted With Good Clean Love Lubricants?
Check out this important study: Raise Questions About Safety of Personal Lubricants
Personal Lubricants
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If Good Clean Love Personal Lubricant is Certified Organic, Why Does the Packaging Say 95% Organic?
Good Clean Love Personal Lubricants are Oregon Tilth Certified Organic which is one of the most highly-regarded organic certifications. That means we meet all of their rigorous standards for organic certification, including using only organic ingredients if an organic version of the ingredient exists. Unfortunately, agar (seaweed) and xanthan gum do not exist in organic form, so that’s what the 5% non-organic ingredients are comprised of. We are required to use only the highest-quality versions of these ingredients. The threshold requirement for organic personal care products to be certified organic by Oregon Tilth is 70% organic ingredients; Good Clean Love Personal Lubricants not only meet this requirement, they exceed it.
What Makes Good Clean Love Personal Lubricant a More Natural Choice Than Others?
Our lubricant is made without any harmful petrochemicals or parabens and contains no glycerin. Our Patented Bio Match™ technology helps to maintain a healthy vaginal ecosystem.
Is Good Clean Love Personal Lubricant Safe to Use With Latex Condoms?
Yes. Good Clean Love Personal Lubricants are aloe-based (a type of water-based lubricant), which makes them safe for use with latex condoms.
Is the Lubricant Sticky?
Our water-based lubricant is made with aloe, so it goes on smooth and moist and dries without sticky residue. All of the natural ingredients are good for your skin and feel good both during and after lovemaking.
I Just Bought Some Good Clean Love Lube. How Do I Use It?
Check out our informative Personal Lubricants 101. There, you’ll find answers to this and other questions.

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Aphrodisiac Products
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How Does Love Oil Work?
Good Clean Love’s Aphrodisiac Love Oil has been scientifically formulated to activate the arousal mechanism in the brain through scent. By enhancing your natural pheromones and stimulating the limbic center of the brain where sexual arousal begins, our Love Oil helps create and enhance physical and emotional connections between you and your partner.
What is Love Oil Used For?
Love Oil is great for kissing and any aspect of foreplay. It is also perfect for sensual massage, bathing, moisturizing, perfuming, and more. Think of it as an enhancement of your touch, letting you leave traces on your partner’s body everywhere your hands have been. The uses and possibilities for our Love Oil are limited only by your imagination! Here are a few suggestions. Check out Love Oils 101 for more ideas.

Good Clean Love’s Love Oil Can Be Used As:
Can Love Oil Be Used Internally?
Yes. Good Clean Love aphrodisiac Love Oils can be used internally as a way to spice up oral sex, and are safe if ingested.

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Bio Match™ Feminine Hygiene Products
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How Does Bio Match™ Restore™ Moisturizing Personal Lubricant Work?
Bio Match™ Restore™ is formulated to mimic the body’s natural equilibrium with perfectly calibrated pH levels, salt balance, and the same type of beneficial lactic acid produced by healthy lactobacilli for a truly natural and healthy lubricating response. It can be used daily as a moisturizer, as well as during intimacy. Find out more at Bio Match™ Restore™ 101.
How Does Bio Match™ Balance™ Moisturizing Personal Wash Work?
Bio Match™ Balance™ is designed to wash female genitalia without disturbing the vagina’s ideal pH balance. It has been formulated to accurately match female pH levels to support natural lactobacilli action. Unlike harsh soaps and douches, Bio Match™ Balance™ is a safer way to freshen your intimate parts.
What’s The Difference Between Good Clean Love Personal Lubricants And Bio Match™ Restore™ Moisturizing Personal Lubricant?
Good Clean Love Personal Lubricants are all-purpose personal lubricants designed for typical use during intimacy. They are organic, free of parabens and petrochemicals, and have been identified by name in NIH-funded scientific research as being among the safest on the market.

Bio Match™ Restore™ Moisturizing Personal Lubricant contains extra ingredients specially designed help maintain a healthy vaginal ecosystem.

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Our Packaging
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Is There Anything Special About Your Packaging?
Absolutely. Good Clean Love’s tubes aren’t just attractive, they’re sustainable. As a B-Corporation and a certified business by Green America, we know that business is not just about producing good products but also about good practices. Deciding not to use conventional plastic was an easy choice on our part. For many of the same reasons we didn’t want petroleum in our lubricants, we chose to keep them out of our packaging.
What Are The Tubes Made Out Of?
Our tubes are made out of entirely plant-based materials. Bioplastic, the leading renewable alternative to petroleum-based plastics, is made with sugarcane ethanol, which is the fermentation of sucrose found in sugarcane juice and molasses.
What Are Some Advantages To Using Bioplastic?
Using sugarcane derivatives instead of petroleum can solve many of the top challenges confronting our society and environment. This remarkable plant has the potential to lower carbon dioxide emissions, create jobs, diversify our energy sources, and help create a healthier, cleaner planet.
How Is Bioplastic A More Sustainable Option For The Environment?
Bioplastics reduce greenhouse gas emissions substantially. Compared to gasoline, sugarcane ethanol produces 90% less carbon dioxide on average when breaking down. In fact, sugarcane ethanol has reduced Brazil’s emissions of carbon dioxide by more than 350 million tons since 2003. That’s as good for the environment as planting and maintaining 2.5 billion trees for 20 years!
How Is Bioplastic A More Ethical Choice?
By choosing bioplastics, we’re supporting economic growth in cane-growing nations, many of which are developing countries that need economic opportunities. Only 20 countries produce oil, but more than 100 cultivate sugarcane. By expanding the production of clean, renewable sugarcane products we are helping enhance energy security, diversifying fuel suppliers, and reducing global dependence on fossil fuels.
Are Bioplastics compostable?
Yes, they’re compostable! Bioplastics decay into natural materials that blend harmlessly with soil. The cornstarch molecules they contain absorb water and swell until they break into fragments that bacteria can then digest easily. In fact, some bioplastics can break down in just a few weeks!

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