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What Makes Us Different.

Safe & Organic

Good Clean Love products always use natural ingredients and are packaged with eco-friendly materials. None of our products contain petrochemicals, parabens or synthetic fragrances.

To Women's Health

We develop and offer premium natural, organic feminine hygiene and personal intimacy products that have been developed with leading scientists.


In 2012, Good Clean Love's organic personal lubricant was named one of the safest products of its class by independent scientific research. 

Good Clean
Love’s Mission

Our mission is increase the awareness and the experience of love in the world, and so we support women's health and education locally and globally.

“Good Clean Love is determined to lubricate the wheels of change with products that actually work for—not against—women’s bodies.”

“Good Clean Love's personal wash will cleanse and refresh your parts without messing with your vaginal pH.”

“A water-based, organic, and condom-safe lube won’t mess with your fragile flora. This one lasts for hours — you can reactivate its silky powers with a splash of water.”

"A woman-owned and run, certified B Corp company with the goal of fostering both ethical and emotional responsibility. Their lube is free of petrochemicals and parabens"

"Paraben-free with clean ingredients!"

Our Story

Intimacy products are designed to enhance pleasure, not to create side effects such as itching and burning. This is why we created Good Clean Love and why we're so particular about our ingredients.

As a certified B-Corporation, we know that how we run and grow our business is as important as what we create. Business at its most dynamic and successful is a force for good in the world. 

We even put love and care into our packaging. Good Clean Love is the only organic feminine care and intimacy product company using green plastics made of recyclable sugar cane.