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We Love The Way You Love™

"I was taking a medication that caused serious dryness and BioNourish saved the day!" -- Nathalie L.
"You have restored my confidence and my self esteem. Thank you." -- K.K.

...We hear touching stories like those every day. Good Clean Love has been helping to increase sexual pleasure and improve reproductive health since 2003. We do that by producing products that closely mimic the way your body works. All without toxic substances like petrochemicals, parabens and hormones found in most personal lubricants and feminine hygiene products. Whether a lubricant, a wash, a moisturizer or probiotic suppository, each product Works The Way You Do® so that you can live, feel, and love your very best.

Made by Women, for All Bodies

Good Clean Love began back in 2003, when founder Wendy Strgar was trying to save her own sex life and marriage. After nursing four children, sex was becoming incredibly painful. When her doctor recommended trying conventional personal lubricants, she was having severe reactions to every product she could find. So, beginning in her kitchen, the dream of changing the intimacy product shelf to healthy, organic products took root.

Making Love Organic

Wendy began experimenting with oils she found in her kitchen, and Good Clean Love’s line of aphrodisiac Love Oils was born. Soon after, she learned about the harmful ingredients most personal lubricants contain - like parabens and petrochemicals - and set out to create a safe, organic personal lubricant: Almost Naked.

Over the past decade, Wendy has partnered with leading scientists and gynecologists to develop a revolutionary line of intimate hygiene and vaginal wellness products so that people of all ages and at all stages of life can enhance their pleasure and improve their health.

Improving People's Lives While Taking Care of the Planet

Good Clean Love's mission is to increase the awareness and experience of love in the world. Our business offers all-natural, intimate hygiene, vaginal wellness and premium intimacy products to enhance your ability to enjoy the passionate side of life.

We Keep Good Company

As a purpose driven company, social responsibility and environmental stewardship are at the forefront of our business practices. To walk the talk, we decided back in 2013 to become B Corp Certified. As such, we uphold ourselves to the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. As change agents, we are leading the way toward more responsible packaging in the hygiene and personal care industry by using recyclable green plastic made of sugarcane. We have also won the PETA Compassionate Company Award for our work in helping change the FDA animal testing requirements for personal lubricants.

As a Good Clean Lover you are supporting a company who aligns the wellbeing of people and the planet with its business practices.