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3 Aphrodisiac Recipes to Cook with Your Partner

Research says that couples who cook together stay together. So, this summer we’ve pulled together a few recipes to help you explore the kitchen – and each other. All three recipes are chock full of healthy ingredients and, as an...
by Good Clean Love Staff

5 Fall Foods That Support Vaginal Health

by Wendy Strgar

What is Osmolality and How Does It Affect Your Vaginal Tissues?

by Good Clean Love Staff

Racial Disparities Show Higher Rates of BV in African American Women

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is one of the leading vaginal infections amongst reproductive aged women in the United States. While up to 29.2 million cases are recorded annually according to the CDC, the percentages by race vary widely. 
by Good Clean Love Staff

What’s the Difference Between a Yeast Infection and BV? Know the Signs

by Good Clean Love Staff

Try This Vision Board Exercise to Awaken Your Own Wonder

For those of you out there who have been looking for more activity oriented projects, this is not one to miss. Putting together a visual that wakes up joy, wonder and curiosity and then having it as a reference point for your...
by Good Clean Love Staff