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Making Love Sustainable

Self-care is self-love. Many of us think about self-care as bubble baths, pedicures or massages. While these pampering activities are common ways to receive self-love, we should create a habit of practicing self-care to better appreciate ourselves. Think more holistically about self-care. A monthly pedicure isn’t likely to preserve our long-term emotional, mental and physical health. We can better accept self-love when we preserve our overall health by practicing some, often, overlooked self-care habits. 
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Applying the science of biomimicry, our BioMatch product solutions are designed to help protect and maintain the optimal healthy state of the vaginal microbiome.
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Personal lubricant has a bit of a reputation for being a niche product. It’s something that we’re often told is for a post-menopausal population, masturbation or anal play. In reality, however, lube is made to enhance pleasure, not just for specific people or play.  

Lube can benefit anyone with an active partnered or solo sex life. Anyone who’s used a lubricated condom has already benefited from just how great lube is (as you likely know, the lube that comes in the condom wrapper is what helps avoid chafing and tearing). The same thing happens in our bodies. Lube adds slip and reduces friction to help make sex safer and more pleasurable. Body-safe personal lubricants like Almost Naked Hint of Mint are a great way for anyone to ease into sex or masturbation, and they help keep your sessions going if things begin to dry up.  

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Gift recommendations for your loved ones this holiday season (and some for you, too!)
  • 3 min read
Ready to chemically detox your daily routine? Our friends at MADE SAFE helped us compile a list of five toxins to avoid.
  • 5 min read
Having a healthy vaginal microbiome is linked with having the best outcomes for fertility and pregnancy. If you're starting your journey of trying to conceive, there are steps you can take to proactively care for your vaginal ecosystem.
  • 4 min read
The season of gratitude and festivity is right around the corner, which means it's time to spend a lot more time with loved ones. Thanksgiving is near and is a holiday where families and friends gather to enjoy a home cooked meal and share what they are grateful for.
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Did you know that your vaginal health can directly impact your urinary tract health?
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