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Externalizing What Is Too Heavy for the Body, Mind or Heart

I am mostly news stream avoidant lately. Still my anxiety is not quelled by the avoidance.Ā Like most of us, I am frequently overrun with fears large and small, and sometimes filled with what my daughter will sometimes text me of...
by Wendy Strgar

Waking Up to The Social Dilemma

I have never been a fan of stories about dysphoric futures, but have watched their rise in media coverage in the last decades. From The Hunger Games series to the latest Blade Runner, we have all seen different versions of...
by Wendy Strgar

An Intro to Long-Distance Lovin'

Iā€™ve never really had a long-distance relationship. Sure, I was pen pals with a guy stationed in Iraq, but Iā€™d never actually met the guy. Needless to say I am not skilled at the phone sexĀ or sexting thing.Ā 
by Good Clean Love Staff

Surrendering to the Wave

by Wendy Strgar