Careers at Good Clean Love

What We Offer

We at Good Clean Love are committed to love in action. Join our team and you’ll find...

  • A supportive work environment. We strive to provide our employees with the support they need to be successful in their jobs. We promote teamwork and communication between all departments.
  • An exciting opportunity to work for a woman owned B-Corporation. If you care about the impact the company you work for has on our society and our planet, this is the right company for you. Good Clean Love is a B-Corporation that helps millions of women live their best lives by providing natural, science based sexual health and feminine hygiene solutions.
  • Opportunity for growth. Our company is growing at an amazing rate and hard work is recognized. We strive to promote from within and develop employees to be the best they can be.
  • Great benefits. Good Clean Love offers 80 hours of paid time off your first year, 7 paid holidays per year, 401(k), flexible schedules, and competitive wages. The company also pays 75% of your healthcare insurance premiums.


Our Core Values

  • We are committed to love in action, purpose, and relationships.

  • We prioritize giving through social philanthropy and environmental responsibility as a caring corporate citizen.
  • We demonstrate innovation through our research, products, and business practices.

  • We value personal growth and education as a primary means for our corporate development.
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What Our Employees Say


“Good Clean Love is an amazing place to work because the entire company is devoted to transparency and open communication. As a result we solve problems quickly and are good at identifying and correcting mistakes. Also, the company is very authentically mission driven, so it's both a very inspiring environment to work in and a very welcoming, humane place to grow as a person and professional.”

–LUKE STRGAR, Technology and Strategy


“Working at Good Clean Love has been the highlight of my career. It is an honor to work with a team who is so deeply passionate about improving women's health, and leading important conversations around sexual wellness and intimacy. I feel privileged to be surrounded by a group of people who are constantly challenging their own assumptions and striving to raise the bar in all aspects of our business. To me, Good Clean Love is the epitome of a purpose-driven company.”

–MACKIE SWAN, Marketing and Sales


Join the GCL Team

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