Personal Lubricants

Mimic your body’s natural lubrication with these premium personal lubricants. Scientifically-formulated, water-based and made with organic ingredients to provide the best glide, naturally. Our lubricants do not contain any petrochemicals, parabens or glycerin. All lubricants are condom compatible and safe with toys. 






Our Story

Intimacy products are designed to enhance pleasure, not to create side effects such as itching and burning. This is why we created Good Clean Love and why we're so particular about our ingredients.

We use organic wherever possible, and always use natural ingredients. You can rest assured that Good Clean Love organic products never contain petrochemicals. We even put love and care into our packaging. Good Clean Love is the only organic feminine care and intimacy product company using green plastics made of recyclable sugar cane.


FAQs: Why Choose a Natural Personal Lubricant?

What are personal lubricants?

Good sex is our gateway to pleasure and deep connection with each other. But without enough lubrication, sex becomes difficult – even painful. During arousal, women produce some natural lubrication, but the amount varies, and it isn’t always enough to get us to that ideal slide. And of course, our bodies don’t produce any natural lubrication for anal sex, or for some of our favorite toys. For many people, painful sex becomes part of a cycle of anxiety: when we’re afraid that sex will be painful, it’s harder to become aroused, so we produce even less natural lubrication, which leads to more anxiety.

The good news is that a personal lubricant can put an end to that cycle and make sex the smooth, effortless pleasure it was meant to be. A small dollop of gel to enhance the vagina’s natural lubrication increases arousal, turning ho-hum sex into great sex. For anal sex and other situations where there’s no natural lubrication, use as much personal lubricant as you need for a satisfying slippery sensation.

A few things to keep in mind as you decide which is the best lube for you. First, a water-based lubricant is the kind that is least likely to cause allergic reactions or infections, and is unlikely to dehydrate sensitive tissues. And, unlike oil-based lubes, a water-based lube is safe to use with latex condoms or toys. It’s also important to find a pH-balanced lubricant with an acidity and osmolality that mimic natural vaginal moisture.

The vagina has a complex natural balance, and the wrong lube can lead to itching, burning, and a host of other problems; the best lubricant for women is an iso-osmolar and pH-balanced lube that avoids all that. And finally, make sure your personal lubricant is made with natural, body-safe ingredients that you don’t mind putting on your skin — or in your mouth!

What are the benefits of using natural lubricants?

Personal lubricants not only enable sex for those of us who don’t generate enough natural lubrication, but enhance sexual experience for everyone. In fact, using extra lubrication can even increase arousal. Because that slick sensation is linked so closely in our minds with the magical feeling of being swept away, the more moisture we feel down there, the more we’re pulled into the pleasure of the moment and a deep sense of connection with our partners. Best of all, the enhanced pleasure and connection that personal lubricants bring us can lead to healthier lifelong relationships.

Unfortunately, some women find that conventional lubricants cause itching, burning, and other side effects. These are unwelcome at any time, but especially during intercourse. More and more women are asking for natural lubricants, with organic ingredients that are gentle on sensitive tissues and not linked to any health concerns, such as those with no glycerin, no parabens, no irritating chemicals, and none of the petroleum products that have been linked to increased risk of bacterial vaginosis (BV).

If you’re a little sensitive down there, suffer from any kind of feminine health problem, or just like to be careful about what you put into your body, a natural lubricant gel is probably the right choice for you too. The best natural lube is effortless and invisible, allowing you to stop worrying about vaginal chemistry and instead focus on personal chemistry — your senses, your partner, and the pleasure you can bring each other.

What types of personal lubricants do we offer?

All Good Clean Love personal lubricants are water based, pH balanced, and iso-osmolar, and all are free of petrochemicals, glycerin, parabens, and major allergens. We use organic ingredients whenever possible; if an ingredient in our personal lubricants is not labeled “organic,” it’s usually because no organic version of that ingredient exists.

· Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant is a certified organic lubricant gel made with aloe vera, and is our best personal lubricant for everyday use. A landmark 2012 study funded by the National Institutes of Health tested a variety of personal lubricants and found that Almost Naked most closely matched the osmolality of natural feminine fluids. Almost Naked is also the first personal lubricant on the market to be carbon-neutral. For every bottle we sell, we make a donation to reduce greenhouse gases by an amount equal to that bottle’s carbon footprint.

· BioNude Ultra Sensitive Personal Lubricant is designed to be the closest thing to natural feminine lubrication that we can put in a bottle — unflavored, unscented, and hypoallergenic. BioNude is the best lubricant for sensitive skin, and is also safe for pregnancy.

· Restore Moisturizing Vaginal Gel is primarily a vaginal moisturizer, but also works great as a personal lubricant. Because it is a moisturizing gel, Restore is the best lubricant for dryness caused by menopause, and the best lubricant for women who are concerned about vaginal pH or maintaining healthy vaginal flora.

Who can benefit from using natural lubricants?

There is a myth that only women who don’t produce enough natural lubrication during sex need to use lubricant gels. The truth is that lube improves pleasure for everyone — lubrication and arousal go hand in hand, so wetter is always better! Whoever you are, whatever your sexual identity, a good natural lubricant facilitates a smooth slide that makes every sexual encounter something to get excited about.

Of course, a personal lubricant may be particularly useful for women who suffer from vaginal dryness during sex. Every woman’s body is different, and producing less natural lubrication does not mean there is anything wrong; you may be naturally on the dry side your whole life, or you may find that you become dry after menopause or childbirth, while on birth control, or as a result of other hormonal changes. Whatever the reason for dryness, a simple organic lube can replace the missing natural fluids for an easy, sensual glide that brings the pleasure back to sex.

What can you expect when you buy natural lubricants from us?

Good Clean Love is here to help women enhance their sexual pleasure and improve their reproductive health. That’s why our personal lubricants are scientifically formulated to mimic the body’s natural lubrication; it’s why all our personal lubricants are water based, so they’re safe to use with latex condoms and toys; and it’s why they are all free of glycerin, parabens, petrochemicals, and major allergens. When you buy natural lubricants from us, you’re getting simple, natural, body-safe ingredients in a formula designed for pleasure and safety.

We are also a registered B-Corporation, meaning that we support not only the experience and awareness of love, but also the social and environmental health of the world we live in. We were the first personal lubricant company to challenge the animal-testing methodology required by the FDA, and won the PETA Compassionate Business Award for successfully pioneering animal-friendly changes across the industry. Our packaging uses environmentally friendly plastics made from sugarcane, and in 2018 we made Almost Naked the first carbon-neutral personal lubricant on the market. Our commitment to high-quality ingredients and sustainable packaging has resulted in several awards and certifications, including from MADE SAFE, Real Leaders, and more. And, because we believe in empowering women, we donate 10% of the proceeds from our website sales to Change for Women nonprofit organizations. That means that when you buy natural lubricants from us, you’re contributing to a sustainable future for the planet, as well as to sexual health and pleasure for you and your partner.