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About The Opening Door

The Opening Door is a joyful refocusing on love as the transformative force of life. The show features interviews with thought-leaders including renowned sex/relationship therapists, best-selling authors, and scientific  and entrepreneurial innovators. Each week we bring you a lively blend of compelling conversation, practical advice and deep insights to enhance the quality of your relationships and live more compassionately.  Love is the cure, open the door to more love in your life …

The Opening Door was named after the first love song I ever learned by heart. Elton John’s Love Song, which I first listened to in the 70s on Tumbleweed Connection was originally composed by Lesley Duncan in 1972. Every line of this song speaks directly to what I have always understood as the deepest truth about love and life. Each week we endeavor to honor the fact that in the final analysis of any life, what we measure it’s meaning by is love….so I invite you… pull up a chair between me and my friends and share the intimate treasures we discover from deeply listening to each other.

Love is the opening door-  At the heart of our life we store our best memories,  we recover from our deepest pain, we become the best version of ourselves. Love is what we came here for– With our final breath, we only think of love- who loved us, who we loved. A life well lived is a rush of  gratitude and tenderness that breaks our hearts wide open. No one could offer you more– The sweetest moments of our days are walking through an open door into the hearts of those who love us. Home is less a place, than a state of mind where we relax completely into the truth of our own being, where our most basic need to connect and to feel heard, happens in the listening…

I will leave the door open for you.  Join us every week here to rediscover the space in yourself that is love.