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Becoming an Evolutionary Force with Carter Phipps

Carter Phipps enlightens us with a whole new understanding of both the internal and cultural meaning of the process of evolution and in doing so lifts the debate of creationism vs. evolution out of the polarized battle between religion and science. With a thorough understanding of the historical context of where we find ourselves in history and the depth of scientific inquiry, Carter shows us how our own internal process is continuously evolving. No matter where you stand on the question of how we all got here, this provocative conversation will make you reconsider all of the ways that you too are an evolutionary force. Don’t miss this interview as we catch him on his cross county book tour for EVOLUTIONARIES.


Carter Phipps is an author, journalist, and leading voice in the emerging field of Evolutionary Spirituality. For the past decade, as executive editor of EnlightenNext magazine, he has been at the forefront of contemporary spiritual, philosophical, and cultural discourse, and his writings have played a key role in making important new thinking accessible to a wider audience. His first book, EVOLUTIONARIES: Unlocking the Spiritual and Cultural Potential of Science’s Greatest Idea, was be published by Harper Perennial in May 2012.