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Day 138: Angels Among Us

“And the Angel said, ‘I have learned that every man lives, not through care of himself, but by love.'” -Leo Tolstoy

I have always believed in angels and I remember years ago, before I knew much of anything about investment conferences or business plans, that I would find an angel to help me make this business real. As the years wore on and the realities of business ventures and investment communities filtered in, people would tell me “they invest in the numbers Wendy… not a good idea.” Still I never stopped believing in angels and have always known that what we focus on multiplies. It is the first rule of positivity: that the ratio of positive to negative thoughts must be tipped towards the positive in order for us to thrive.

I often remember the early scenes of the film “Wings of Desire,” which shows the angels in black and white surrounding the humans sitting in traffic or at their dining room table in despair. The angels come and breathe light into the humans and slowly, subtly you see the struggle with the internal voices ease. The angels’ presence changes everything. This has happened to Good Clean Love and I. Angels have literally landed on our work and the light that is shining in what we do is now too brilliant to miss.

It was actually in signing up a new customer that I have been trying to win over for years that the depth and breadth of the magic of last week lifted me up again. The buyer at Good Vibrations, one of the oldest and best known sex-positive institutions in the country exclaimed about the wonder of choosing a love company over medical or web technology and what a strong message that it sent to the world about what is worthy of investment.

Choosing to invest in a love business may not have happened in some bigger city markets, but I feel blessed to live in a community that will choose to value the work of nurturing and sustaining love relationships. The public trust that doing good makes good economic sense is a message of hope for all of us in these uncertain times. Actually the hope and faith that these angels have invested in us is spreading out to everyone who hears that investing is now a thing of love.