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Day 160: Prepared

“Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity” -Henry Hartman

I am getting ready for a very exciting opportunity tomorrow. I have a meeting with a large chain store buyer to inspire him about the virtues and potential of Good Clean Love products in his stores. I have been envisioning this meeting for years, taking the steps and preparing all the way, so that I can go into the meeting assuring success.

I have long been a believer in being prepared, with parenting being an effective and endless training ground. I learned early about the unknown gifts of having what you need to take care of a situation before the situation arose. I carried the vigilance of preparedness from diaper bags to brief cases, and it has served well.

While every endeavor in life is at least some part timing and luck, I believe it is true that the cross road of opportunity and preparation is where luck hangs out. Even great scientific minds like Louis Pasteur noted that “Luck favors the mind that is prepared.” My mind feels prepared because of all the steps and effort that has brought me to this meeting. I don’t need to memorize any more note cards or fret about how to make it happen, I feel confident that all this preparation has been waiting to meet this opportunity.

The real work in life is in knowing how to prepare. The day of the show or the big meeting flies or falls on all that has gone before. The moment of truth is made up of all the hours and days that goes into figuring out what went wrong and even more arduously how to get it right.

Being positive is about believing that preparing is success enough and then some days you get to prove it.