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Day 25: Discovering Mindsight

“Mindsight is a literary MRI: a mind-blowing book that will change the way you think about the way you think.” Arianna Huffington

Ever on the look-out for tools to make this positivity quest of mine a true changing of how my mind works, I came upon Dan Siegel’s book, Mindsight. Siegel, a clinically trained psychiatrist from Harvard, is revolutionizing the practice of psychotherapy by cross-training in the metaphysical practice of mindfulness. His step-by-step method of focusing attention on the internal working of the mind, allows you to not only get out of the habitual behaviors that define us but with consistent practice provides the tools to literally change the wiring in your brain.

The practice of mindsight is basic skill building in social and emotional intelligence. The foundation of healthy and sustainable relationships is self-awareness. Learning to witness the workings of our mind and developing the language “to name and tame” our experience accurately is a powerful force for transformation. Developing the insight to see how we think and feel is the path to greater freedom in choosing our actions and reactions to life events.

Dr. Siegel’s method is convincing because he has the scientific research that proves our intention and attention to changing our mind affects the brain on a cellular and physical basis. His work reminds us that our brain is a social organ and this developing ability of mindsight is how our interpersonal neurobiology develops. The way we relate to ourselves and the people we love impacts how our brain develops. What I find personally encouraging are the stories of people who were not well loved as children, yet are able into their 80s and 90s demonstrate the brain’s ability to adapt and change.

The goal of mindsight is to develop the internal skills to integrate our own mind, our relationships and our brain. Integration allows us to be present to what is happening and also flexible as we experience the world. Without the ability to integrate, our life swings between being either rigid or chaotic. Whether resisting the continuous changes in life or getting swept away by them, we lose the flow that characterizes a vital and productive life.

I just found this book, so I can’t really explain the steps yet, but I will be working with it and will give you the update. So for all those out there, wondering if you will get any tools for your own positivity quest, don’t miss this one.