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Day 65: Feeling Gratitude In My Body

A good way to begin committing to the work of serious gratefulness is to fall into your body. I love bodywork. I had a remarkable therapy appointment with a woman who practices dynamic cranial sacral therapy. There was an intense massage clearing and then she held me at the top and base of my spine. The rhythm of my cranial fluid reset and I was still. It was truly remarkable.

It was a place beyond thought, and yet the random ideas that popped into my head were creative; solutions that I had been looking for. Relationship bonds that had so many attachments to them that they were barely visible, cleared. I felt how much internal space there was in my belly when it wasn’t tense.

A week ago I read an article in the New York Times science section about new evidence on how physical touch changes your life. I have been studying it of late and I spent the day writing about how the language of touch changes how you think and feel. I am convinced by both research and experience that if I am going to have this positivity quest change my mind, it will happen first in my body. Today I could feel it happening and I was so very grateful.