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How to Open to Loving Relationships with Ken McLeod

Open to a clear and loving relationship with yourself and those you love most with this profound conversation with Ken McLeod, author of Wake up to your Life and a 40 year teacher/student of ancient Buddhist traditions. His down to earth and direct understanding of cutting the story line to reach a peace with what is actually happening within you and your relationships offers a fresh perspective on finding the love that lives around you all the time. His easy laughter and true presence streams throughout the conversation, showing us the way to distinguish between pain and suffering, attend to conflicts with heart and open to your life in ways that will amaze you. Don’t miss it.


Ken McLeod is one of the most innovative teachers of Buddhism today and he is known for his ability to explain difficult and subtle teachings. In a review of Ken’s first book Wake up to Your Life, Phil Catalfo, Yoga Journal, said “he distills the nature and purpose of Buddhism to make it accessible for any newcomer without dumbing it down.” Ken’s private practice model of one-on-one consultations roiled the Buddhist world in the 90s only to become an accepted way of working with students. Through his non-profit website and organization, Unfettered Mind, he has pioneered a client or student centered approach to spiritual development, created new retreat and group learning formats, and developed translations of traditional practices and teachings that make them accessible and relevant for contemporary Western culture. He now provides teacher training and online workshops for people around the globe.