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How to Recycle our Packaging

"The elements that build a healthy and sustainable container of love are not complex. They are skill-based. With attention and education, anyone can improve upon them." – Founder & CEO, Wendy Strgar

With a mission to do good, Good Clean Love® became B Corp certified in 2013 in order to hold ourselves to the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. That not only means providing organic and natural products, but also doing our best to continue innovating our packaging with recyclable materials.

Read on to learn how to responsibly recycle your finished tubes and creatively repurpose your leftover packaging when your love oil or massage candle has reached its end. 

Good Clean Love’s product tubes used for our washes and lubes are made from a material called Green Polyethylene. Made from sugar cane sourced from Brazil, it is a unique and renewable resource that makes considerable contributions to reducing the level of greenhouse gas emissions throughout its lifecycle.

Here's how to recycle our tubes once they are free of product:

  1. First, you will remove the cap - which can be discarded in the trash.
  2. Following the removal of the cap, you will cut the tube in half, starting in the middle and following through until it has been completely detached.
  3. Next, you will need to rinse out both sides of the tube thoroughly.
  4. Finally, your tube is set and ready to be recycled! 

    Check out our how-to video to see how it's done, and bookmark it to reference for the next time you finish off a tube!


    For resources on where to recycle - Check with your local recycling provider.

    Now that you know how to recycle our tubes, time to discuss creative ways to repurpose packaging that aren't as accessibly recyclable. 
    Finished stimulating your senses with our massage candles and reached the end of your tin can? Well, hold off on tossing out your leftover packaging after your pleasurable experience has ended and the nourishing organic oils are gone– and learn how you can repurpose your tin can into an easy DIY succulent planters!

    How to repurpose candle tins:

    1. First, you will want to start with removing any leftover wax. You can do this by either lighting your wick until it's completely liquified down and pouring the remainder out, or try freezing the candle and using a spoon to scoop out the remaining wax.
    2. Next, you should dispose the oil safely (or if you're like us, save it somewhere you can later use as a body butter). 
    3. Wash the tin can out completely and don't forget about the lid as well!
    4. Then, add drainage holes to the bottom of the tin can and place the lid to fit underneath the bottom of the tin can, catching the drainage holes.
    5. Add some soil and plant a succulent or small plant of your choosing. Enjoy!

      Ahhhh yes, not only do our aphrodisiac love oils and massage candles have multiple purposes, but their packaging does as well. The matte texture of these love oil glass containers can sometime feel like such a waste to toss out. Here's one way you could repurpose your container, for many more uses.

      How to reuse your love oil pumps:

      1. First, remove the pump from your love oil container by gripping the grey topper and twisting it counterclockwise.
      2. Next, wash out the container thoroughly with hot water to remove any leftover lingering oil.
      3. Let the container and pump sit out and air dry.
      4. Finally, add any products of your choosing you'd like.

      Our love oil containers are either 10ml or 30ml - which in this case, would make the perfect storage for your personal products when traveling. Some daily personal products this container and pump can be reused for include any natural essential oils, rosewater or facial spray, lotion or shampoo/conditioner.