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It All Started With a Bottle of Love Oil

It all started with a bottle of love oil… This summer marks the fifth anniversary of my discovery of love oil. For years since the birth of my third and fourth children, I had been looking for some kind of product to bring the pleasure back into my intimate experiences.

Then almost like a prayer answered, I found a random bottle of love oil being clearanced at a small shop in town. I had my first pain free sex in years. Not only that, but some kind of crazy passion was awakened that I hadn’t even known was there. After the bottle was empty, I understood the link between the amazing sex and the love oil. It took months of research and study to figure out how to make it myself, and so the beginnings of Good Clean Love were born.

I turned our guest bathroom into a love oil lab of sorts and that summer my husband and I tested dozens of formulas. That was also the summer that I got that the more I physically loved my guy, the more he turned into the guy I fell in love with. Even as I spent more and more money on purchasing exotic essential oils and organic oil bases, he never complained. Our lovemaking was better than ever. I, of course was continuously motivated to test out a new formula, it was summer and my kids actually still had bedtimes.

Later that summer picking raspberries, the idea of making a company to sell love oil appeared in my head. Blending and pouring thousands of bottles by hand seemed simple compared to the Children’s Peace Academy that I had been working to launch. Like most great entrepreneurial ideas, the passion (literally in this case) of the need and the satisfaction of a solution is enough to keep you learning and going. Origins is the love oil that started it all and is still the bottle that I reach for each and every time we agree to dive into the mysterious connection of sexuality.

For me now, the scent of Origins is so deeply linked to the feel of my husband’s kiss that even when there hasn’t been a mood in sight for days, the memories of release and satisfaction that accompany the scent bring me back to the journey and opening to the part of me that has nothing to do with all the other hats that I wear all day. Love oil is my ticket to a journey deep inside myself to uncover that sexy woman living undercover.

Join us as we celebrate five years of Good Clean Love by sharing your love story in our summer of love oil contest. I am grateful that I always had the best reason in the world to keep this business going- Our love products have enabled us to have great, better than ever sex almost every time. And as our tag line developed of Making Love Sustainable, so too has my capacity to stay with the hard places and trust the courage of heart that makes love real, even when you can’t feel it.

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