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Learn the True Meaning of Tantra with Anya Shekina

The real meaning of tantra is about finding true and grateful presence to life.  Listen as Tantra educator and passionate love coach Anya Shekina shares simple exercises that will deepen your intimate connections and open a pathway to exploring more pleasure. Learning how to bring your full self to the present moment without any expectations or performance anxiety is a mystical experience that translates into a more joyful way of life and offers a surprising open door to the mystery of orgasm. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation about the simple exercises of tantra that will change how you love.

Anya Shekina is an Intimate Passionate Love coach, Tantra Teacher and Sexual Health Consultant. She has a Ph.D. in Psychology and a Masters In Education, specializing in Adult Education and Counseling. She has been a private Tantric coach for approximately 15 years and a relationship counselor for 20 years. She is also an accomplished workshop leader in the area of intimacy and Tantra. She and her husband Steven Vogue, have been in, what they have termed, an Evolutionary Relationship for over 4 years.  Anya Shekina, together with her husband, is currently writing two books on this topic. They are also producing related products on Tantra, sustaining romantic love and sexual turn-on in long term relationships, and sexual health. She and Steven will soon be presenting a teleseminar and webinar series for couples who want coaching – whether they are in the early days of their relationship or have been together a long time. She has two meetup groups in San Diego, California, where she lives. She also has a radio show on Intimate Passionate Love on