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Learning How to Heal Your Deepest Wounds With Julie McIntyre

Don’t miss author and shaman Julie McIntyre discuss the sacred relationship between sexuality and our relationship to the Earth. Learn how by getting in touch with our wild and natural selves we tap in to the constant erotic nature of the earth. Julie shares her wisdom and years of wilderness training in her book Heartland reveals  the healing of our deepest wounds as well as access to a deep, lasting intimacy with your lover. With interesting and thought provoking ideas on everything from rights of sex workers to the importance of childhood sex education, Julie’s earth centered teachings will awaken what it means for you to live a sexual, sensual, erotic life.

Julie McIntyre is an Earth ceremonialist and Métis of Norwegian and Mohawk/Blackfeet decent. She is the director for the Center for Earth Relations and for a decade and a half has worked with the Sacred Pipe, Medicine Wheel, sweat lodge and Vision Quests in facilitating closer human bonding with the Earth. An ordained practitioner of the Church of Gaia, Julie directed a state ceremonial program for Native men in prison and also works with young women with ceremonial rites of transition into womanhood. A double-degree graduate in Political Science and Public Communications Julie has completed postgraduate training in sacred plant medicine, Ayurveda, Reiki, medical herbalism, Huichol shamanism, and wilderness survival. For six years she wrote a monthly column for Tapestry Magazine (Lansing, IA) on Earth relationship and ceremony, the sacredness and ecology of the Mississippi River system, raptor ecology, and the healing of human disease through the use of Earth medicine.

She worked for four years as a Holistic Health Practitioner in an integrative medical clinic in Wisconsin, providing herbal and nutritional counseling, laser acupuncture detox, lymphatic drainage therapy, and patient education and support. Devoted to helping people reclaim their ecological identity, Julie has taught adults, young adults and children on the sacredness of Earth relations, the heart as the organ of perception, the ecstatic path, healing shame, medical herbology, and the Medicine Wheel. She has a private Holistic Health practice working with Herbal medicine, sacred Plant Medicine, and spiritual mentoring. When she’s not working she can be found hiking or sitting in the sacred waters of the hot springs of her beloved Gila Wilderness and national forest.