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Life That Works: Be- Do– Have

It is easy to confuse the order of these three life action verbs in our culture that often confuses contentment and stuff. I am in the city of lights for the annual adult entertainment show and I am amazed at the enormity of our human capacity to create and manifest. It is a city decorated with all of the world’s greatest monuments and treasures that drives the message “to have” like none other.

I am all about learning to be. I know that I will not find the peace of mind, the positive attitude or the self- esteem that I am learning to find in myself in any of the endless shops here. Learning how to be myself and stay with myself is the key to a life that works.

Doing what you love is the natural outgrowth of this mastery of being. The doing loses its need to prove anything. Action is inspired by what we know makes us happy. Even in the moments when the doing isn’t working quite the way we hoped, the effort itself teaches us both who and how we are.

The beauty of allowing the having to follow the being and doing is that it takes care of itself. The universe responds to pure action that springs from the heart of us. The world really does offer itself to your imagination, and manifesting your deepest desires is so much better than some other designer’s idea of beauty.

Watch for this pattern that throws life off balance- Believing that you have to have anything will make you do things that you wonder about later, all in the name of being happy. Start by being happy, doing what makes you happy and then watch what happens to what you think you have to have….