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Orgasmic Experience with Susan Crain Bakos

Susan Crain Bakos has written close to 2 dozen volumes on the orgasmic experience over the last two decades and believes we express our core identities through our sexuality. Listen as she shares her unique perspectives on the crossroads of life, love and orgasm as well as her no-fail Orgasm Loop technique for achieving orgasm.  Susan recently discovered that she is dying of cancer and we discuss her moving reflections about living and dying authentically.   Don’t miss this conversation that you won’t soon forget.

Susan Crain Bakos is an internationally recognized research sexologist, a sex educator, and a magazine journalist. She is also the author of twenty books, including the Orgasm Bible, The Sex Bible and The Orgasm Loop. She has been studying and writing about sex for over twenty years and her work has appeared in national magazines including Redbook, Men’s Health and Cosmopolitan. She is an an outspoken champion of sexual empowerment, and reports on the cross roads of scientific research and sexuality on her blog SexyPrime.

As a former contributing editor and columnist at Penthouse she has worked with legends like Dr. Ruth and Helen Gurley Brown. She has interviewed thousands of men and women about their sex lives and has developed several sexual techniques that have helped thousands of women achieve orgasm. She has appeared on Oprah, Good Morning America and numerous other television and radio programs.